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29 Free Clothing & Textile Recycling Places Near You (2024)

How And Where To Recycle Old Clothing - Almost Zero Waste

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Are you searching for the closest free textile recycling places near you? 

In this article, I will share with you where to recycle clothes and plenty of easily accessible textile recycling locations worldwide.

Keep reading to find out 29 where you can recycle clothes, including:

  • Textile recycling for free
  • Recycle clothes for money (or store credit)
  • Brands that recycle old clothes

The list begins with places within the US & Canada, and in the end, places in the UK, Europe, and worldwide.

Lastly, you will get further ideas and resources on what to do with old clothes. Okay, let’s begin with the list!

29 Textile Recycling Near You:

1. Green City Recycler 

Location: US (Texas)
What items are accepted: Clothing, shoes, household linens, belts, purses, hats, and toys
Is it free: Yes

A textile recycling company that stops items such as used clothing, shoes, and other household things from being dumped in landfills. You can schedule a pickup with them. The items are presorted, then sold, or recycled.

2. Terracycle

Location: US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Ireland, Netherlands
What items are accepted: any textile or fabric-based product
Is it free: Zero waste boxes cost $150 / Bridages (drop-off locations) are free 

You can recycle with Terracycle by purchasing a Zero Waste Box, or Bridage Programs. Collect the things you don’t need, and send them to Terracycle with pre-paid shipping labels. Log in to get your shipping labels. Alternatively, you can find the Bridages and their drop-off locations here.

3. Grow NYC 

Location: US (New York)
What items are accepted: Clean and dry clothing, paired shoes, linens, handbags, belts, textile
Is it free: Yes

Grow NYC’s goal is to recover as much usable clothing as possible to deliver it to second-hand markets. Items unsuitable for reuse will go to recycling markets to be used as wiping rags or shredded for low-grade fiber products such as insulation. Find one of their drop-off locations here.

4. Blue Jeans Go Green 

Location: US
What items are accepted: Cotton jeans
Is it free: Yes

To donate your jeans, box up old items and send them to the address listed on their website. They will turn your old jeans into insulation.  

You can also drop off your old jeans in the bins that the following brands provide – Franks And Oak, Carhartt, American Eagle, Muji, Madewell & Pacsun. 

5. Smartasn 

Location: US
What items are accepted: Any dry & odorless clothing, household or commercial textile
Is it free: yes

SMART is an international trade association advocating the reuse and recycling of textiles globally. You can look for their clothing collection boxes locally.

6. Fabscrap 

Location: New York / Philadelphia 
What items are accepted: all types of fabric including swatches, headers, cuttings, production scrap, and yardage.
Is it free: There is a recycling service fee of $2/lb

FABSCRAP provides convenient pickup and recycling of textiles for businesses in New York City and Philadelphia. They accept pre-consumer fabric and textiles and give them away to students, artists, local designers, and crafters for reuse.

If you are an individual who wants to recycle with them you can still can. You can schedule an on-call pick-up. Learn more about it on their website. 

7. The Bra Recyclers

Location: US, Canada & Puerto Rico
What items are accepted: Bras
Is it free: $20 for a Give Back Box

The Bra Recycles takes care of gently used bras; they are partnering with Give Back Box where you can send up to 50 lbs for $20. Fill out the recycling form, and find the closest drop-off locations here. To get a confirmation mail once they receive the box, make sure to include your inventory barcode. 

8. Sublet – Underwear recycling 

Location: US
What items are accepted: Underwear, bras, socks and tights
Is it free: Yes

Pack up your items (5 minimum) in a bag or box, attach your free shipping label, and send it within 30 days. Undies are sorted by fiber; afterward, they are broken down and made into new fiber. Then, the recycled fibers are turned into insulation, rug pads, and rags. Recycling old undies with SUBLET also gives you $15 off your next order with them.

9. Hanky Panky – Bras & panties recycling 

Location: US
What items are accepted: Underwear, bras, or socks
Is it free: Yes

Hanky Panky is partnering with Green Tree, a non-profit organization that keeps unwanted post-consumer textiles out of landfills. You can send washed bras, panties, and socks from any brand that you don’t use anymore. 

You must be a member of Hanky Panky Rewards to participate. After you create an account, you can request a shipping label, pack at least 4 recyclable items, and then drop them at the nearest USPS.

10. Reformation

Location: US
What items are accepted: Any type of clothing
Is it free: Yes

With Reformation, you can recycle messy, ripped, or broken clothes. Just make sure to wash everything before sending it their way. They’ll sort and recycle your stuff, giving it a second life – turning it into new textiles or cool projects like furniture batting, insulation, and padding.

After you collect your used items, you can send them for free (drop off your items at any of our domestic retail locations or initiate a recycling request on their website) & Get instant credits for shopping with them.

11. American Eagle

Location: US
What items are accepted: Jeans
Is it free: Yes

Do you have old jeans you don’t wear? Take them to an AE store. You can bring in any brand, as long as they’re 90% cotton or more. You’ll also get $10 off if you wanna purchase new jeans from them.

12. Made Well

Location: US
What items are accepted: Jeans, denim shorts, skirts, overalls & jackets
Is it free: Yes

Made Well also accepts and recycles pre-loved jeans. You can drop them off at a store for $20 off a new pair, or mail them with a Clean Out Kit and get the same deal, plus shopping credit for sold items. 

13. For Days 

Location: US
What items are accepted: All textiles, including socks, underwear, sheets, pillowcases, towels, linens, shoes, and handbags in any condition. They have a separate option for cotton scraps 
Is it free: They have two options that cost $15 and $20 (but you get a Cash Back)

You can order a Take Back Bag or a Cotton Fabric Take Back Bag and fill it up, with ripped, torn, or stained clothes or textiles. Then, send it over to For Days. Once you order and receive a Take Back Bag, you can scan the QR code on it for shipping instructions.

You can either print a mailing label or generate a USPS QR code for drop-off. When you register the Take Back Bag, you will get $50 Closet Cashback, meaning you can then use that credit towards your next purchase. 

14. Retold Recycling 

Location: US
What items are accepted: Clean and dry household textiles and clothes
Is it free: From $14.50

Collect all the clothes and textiles that you want to get rid of. Order a bag or get a subscription. Each Retold bag can hold up to 5 lbs. Once you get the bag, fill it with all the stuff you don’t need (they accept nearly anything). 

Get the ReTold bag, and their pre-paid label, and drop off the package to your closest post box. Once the items arrive, they are sorted by type and quality and then sent to thrift stores, charities, or recycling companies.

15. American Recyclers 

Location: US
What items are accepted: Used clothing, shoes, and toys
Is it free: Yes

American-Recyclers provides thousands of convenient donation bins, and the chances are, there are probably some near your neighborhood. To recycle with American Recyclers, check out the list of the items they accept, and then find the nearest recycling bin to you here.

15. Patagonia

Location: US
What items are accepted: Tees made from cotton, hemp, or linen
Is it free: Yes

Patagonia’s Take-Back program is a fantastic way to recycle any old cotton goodies and helps support recycling chains for clothing waste. When you’re done with your Patagonia tees made from cotton, hemp, or linen, simply drop them off at the nearest Patagonia retail store, or pop them in the mail to their Reno distribution center. 

17. USAgain 

Location: US
What items are accepted: Clothing & children’s clothing, footwear, accessories, linen
Is it free: Yes

USAgain collects material and transforms it into great value for people in need in different parts of the world. 90% of the clothes and shoes collected are reused. USAgain has drop-off boxes nationwide. You can find the closest drop-off locations for you here

18. Eileen Fisher

Location: US / Canada
What items are accepted: Clothing 
Is it free: Yes 

Bring your clothes, no matter their condition, to any US EILEEN FISHER or Renew store. They’ll give you $5 in Renew Rewards. If you don’t live close to a store, you can also send your clothes directly to their recycling centers – 50 S. Buckhout St., Irvington, NY 10533, or 624 S. Lander St. #20, Seattle, WA 98134.

19. Return It 

Location: Canada
What items are accepted: Clothing, footwear, household textiles, bags, accessories
Is it free: Yes

Return-It has launched a program where you can drop off old, unused, or unloved clothing at select depot sites. Textiles collected through the program are distributed for reuse by various organizations and companies.  

20. Levi’s

Location: Worldwide
What items are accepted: Clothing & shoes (any brand)
Is it free: Yes

You can drop off your no-longer-wanted clothing or shoes (any brand!) in the collection boxes at your local Levi’s store. 

21. H&M 

Location: Worldwide
What items are accepted: Clothing & textiles from any brand
Is it free: Yes

Go to the closest H&M and drop off clothes/textiles from any brand, in any condition. Once you drop them off at the cash desk, you’ll receive a thank-you voucher. The items then are sorted into categories – 1) Rewear for second-hand clothing, 2) Reuse for other products, and 3) Recycle for insulation materials.

22. Zara Recycling

Location: Worldwide
What items are accepted: Clothing, footwear, and accessories
Is it free: Yes

You can drop off unused clothing, footwear, and accessories in containers at Zara stores or request a donation collection service for online customers. The items are sorted and distributed, sold, or recycled.

23. The North Side

Location: Worldwide
What items are accepted: Old North Side clothing
Is it free: Yes

Give your old The North Face gear a new life and get a $10 credit. Bring your clothes to your local North Side retail store, and drop them off at the cash register.

24. Nike Move To Zero

Location: Worldwide
What items are accepted: Any brand of athletic sneakers 
Is it free: Yes

Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe program collects old athletic shoes (excluding sandals, dress shoes, boots, or shoes with metal), regardless of brand. They grind them down to create material used in sports surfaces like basketball courts, running tracks, and playgrounds. Find collection bins in your closest Nike retail store.

25. Salvation Army

Location: Worldwide (in 134 countries; US, UK, Australia, etc.)
What items are accepted: Used clothing, shoes, and accessories
Is it free: Yes

The Salvation Army promotes clothing recycling through its thrift stores. You can donate gently used clothing. For any clothing that isn’t good for sale, it is sold for reuse overseas.

26. Recycle Now 

Location: UK
What items are accepted: Clothing & textiles
Is it free: Yes

Recycle Now is a great resource that provides information and resources on how and where to recycle things within the UK. You can use the Recycling Locator widget to find the closest recycling center. 

27. Against Breas Cancer (Bra Recycling)

Location: UK
What items are accepted: Unwanted bras
Is it free: Yes

Their initiative transforms your unwanted or unloved bras into vital funds for breast cancer. In collaboration with recycling partners, the textile recovery project prevents these bras from going into landfills, providing them with a new life.

The minimum quantity for a one-off collection is three boxes of bras (approx. 300 bras). You can request a free bra bank on their website.

28. Boer Group

Location: Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium
What items are accepted: Clothes & textiles
Is it free: There are options for free drop-offs

Their Fashion To Fiber recycling project collects textiles for municipalities, schools, foundations, and other (retail) companies. You can drop your old clothes at their drop-off locations; they have collection boxes in stores like Jack & Jones, Vero Moda, Vila, Pieces, Name It, and BESTSELLER. If you want to have your own drop-off spot, you can contact them and arrange it. 

29. Monki

Location: Europe & UK
What items are accepted: Clothes and textiles from any brand & any condition
Is it free: Yes

Monki has teamed up with Remondis to recycle old clothes and textiles from any brand. You can drop them off at any Monki store worldwide, and they accept bed sheets and towels too. Just bring your bags (up to two each time), and they take it all. + Get a 10% off voucher as a thank you.

What else can you do with old clothes, except recycling:

After you collect all the things you don’t need (and you can find a guide on how to declutter your closet here), you can separate all items into three categories: Perfect condition, Good condition, and Bad condition.

For Perfect and Good condition:

For Bad condition:

upcycling old clothes
Upcycling my brother’s big shirt …
upcycling old clothes
… into a cute top (credits to my grandma! She rocks.)

Further reading:

Did I miss clothing recycling places and locations you would like to see here? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

Where To Recycle Old Clothing


  1. As we are in lockdown due to the pandemic and all charity shops are close, where can we take clothing, shoes etc? Thank you.

  2. Hello. I’m so happy to have read your blog and I can only recommend it. I totally agree with your view because as I see it more people should recycle their clothes and buy quality materials that you can wear longer. Everybody should think about what clothes they buy and not throw them away after wearing them two times. In school we discuss what’s the best way to recycle old clothes and your blog is very helpful. Thank you for pointing out that the climate change affects everybody and that the landfills full of clothes grow very fast.

  3. Thank you so much for writing this article. My man goes thru clothing so quickly! Stains, holes, stretched out, you name it. It’s not his fault but I hate the waste. I’ve always donated anything I can but some things are just too bad to pass along. I have felt guilty every time I’ve thrown out clothing. This article will change that! I would suggest you consider adding the Salvation Army to your list of places to donate 2nd hand clothing. Thank you again!

      1. I want to give some unwanted clothes. Can you suggest me some place where I can give these clothes and can get some money in return.

  4. Thank you for this list – what about ethnic Indian clothes ? is there a place to donate those?

  5. Love this article thank you! FYI Fab Scrap doesn’t take used clothes, only pre consumer fabric and textiles 🙂

  6. Hello – Can you recommend places that I can ship a box to donate clothing ? My rural area (an island) does not have any bins or drop off locations. Thank you!

  7. Hi. I am desperately trying to find a place to drop off my rag textiles. It seems like there is nowhere in my area, or anywhere in the NJ area. Do you know of any places? Thank you! Teresa

  8. In my area, Goodwill actually does not take clothing that’s not wearable / sellable.
    Nor does anyone else I’ve found so far in Nampa, Idaho. I’d love to hear if anyone knows where I can recycle old clothing here.
    Thanks for your work!

  9. Terrific list of places to donate and ideas on repurposing… exactly what I was looking for as I downsize my closet! Thank you for taking the time to put this together and share… much appreciated!

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