First of all, thank you so much for being here!

On this page you can find the following information:

1. What is this blog about?
2. What is zero waste?
3. Why zero waste?
4. About me 

1. What is this blog about?

Do you want to become zero waste? To lower your footprint, to make more sustainable decisions? Well, you are in the right place!

In this blog, you can find – tips and ways for becoming (almost) zero waste, guides on how to recycle different stuff, how to make your own products, where to find amazing zero waste goods, etc!

I will share with you all of my knowledge and easy changes on how to start living a low waste lifestyle.

If you are completely new, and zero waste is not 100% clear for you…

2. What is zero waste?

Zero waste is philosophy, an ethical, economical and efficient GOAL, that encourages all products to be reused and no trash to be burned or sent to the landfills or the ocean.

It contains 5R’s, which are: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot. 

The intention is to reduce what we need, to reuse as much as possible, to recycle as little as possible (as the goal is to produce close to ZERO trash) and lastly, to compost anything that we cannot recycle.

Simply put, the aim is nothing to be sent to the landfills/oceans.

Uh, does is sound intimidating? I promise you, it is not as hard as it might sound.

Zero waste is a goal, a philosophy that contains a set of beliefs:

  • rethinking, refusing, reducing, reusing, repairing, composting, and lastly – recycling.

It is more of a goal or ideal rather than a complete target.


3. Why zero waste?

For the planet, for the animals, for the people.

A zero waste lifestyle has plenty of benefits for everyone. For example, it can play a huge role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and shifting climate change.

Furthermore, plastic contains chemicals that are not only bad for the environment but they are also bad for ME and YOU. These chemicals can ”leach” into our food, moreover, inside us.

Zero waste can help us to live a more sustainable, healthy, green, and happy life!

3. About me

I have been always very interested in sustainability. Since primary school, I remember that after classes, I was going to not obligatory ”eco class”.

We were learning basic stuff, like to stop the water while we brush our teeth and similar things 😀

Another thing was that I never liked eating meat.

So fast forward, when I was 15 years old I became vegetarian. Then, at the age of 21, I started a plant-based diet.

I always wanted to have a low footprint on the planet. However, I never really thought about waste and plastic pollution.

In 2015, I moved to Denmark and a few years after that I found a blogger that was originally from the city I was living.

She was the first person that introduced me to zero waste. I was very intrigued by everything and this was the point where I started thinking more about my waste.

Slowly but steady, I started making small changes in my daily life, such as:

  • always having a bag and water bottle with me
  • buying fewer products, wrapped in plastic (and always looking for plastic-free alternatives)
  • making my own nut milk
  • getting a wooden toothbrush
  • making my own toothpaste, etc.
Still, I wasn’t (and I’m still not!) perfect and on the level I would like to be, but I’m trying to improve, every single day!

This blog motivates me even more to spread the message and to make more sustainable choices.

Once again, thank you so much for being here.

One very important thing to remember is:

Small things done by millions of people around the world CAN make a difference.

Nobody will EVER be perfect, in fact, being perfect is not the point. It is about making conscious and more sustainable choices.

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