What is zero waste?

Zero waste is about making conscious, more sustainable choices while focusing on what works best for you. It is more of a way of living rather than a final goal. The intention of living (an almost) zero waste lifestyle is to:

  • refuse things that we don’t need
  • reduce what we need
  • reuse as much as possible
  • repair things
  • compost (rot) our food waste
  • and lastly, to recycle what’s left.

Why going *almost* zero waste?

For the planet, for the animals, for the people. Living almost zero waste has plenty of benefits, and the biggest one is that it will allow you to live in harmony with our planet.

It can teach you how to be happy with less stuff and that, in reality, you need much less to be happy. It can also show you how to be less wasteful and creative by re-purposing and repairing things.

Along the way, you will save money and resources from our planet.

The goal of Almost Zero Waste

My purpose is to share my experience and research the most convenient & straightforward ways for how anyone can live a sustainable, healthy, and happy life.

One of the most important things I want to emphasize is that we all have different resources, lifestyles, and choices, and what works for me may not work for you. And that’s totally cool. My goal is to help you to find what works best for YOU and your lifestyle. 🙂

Here, you can find simple guides, DIYs, and frequently asked questions going through my head when I started to live more sustainably.

From tips on how to reduce your waste and how to recycle things to DIY guides on natural cosmetics, how to save money, where to find plastic-free products, how to make simple & waste-free vegan food & more!

I want to show you that EVERY action & every person counts and that together, we can make a difference. ⚡️ 

Who’s behind Almost Zero Waste?

My name is Merilin, and I’m 26 years old.

I am an imperfect zero waste advocate, passionate about sustainability, veganism, and living harmoniously with nature.

Growing older, the idea of having a lower footprint on the planet was something that I wanted to achieve.

However, I never really thought about waste and plastic pollution until 2017, when I heard about ‘zero waste’ for the first time.

It sounded very intimidating.

About Almost Zero Waste

However, I was intrigued by living a more sustainable lifestyle, so I slowly started making simple changes, like:

  • always have a reusable bag with me 
  • buying fewer products wrapped in plastic and trying to find plastic-free alternatives
  • making homemade nut milk
  • getting a wooden toothbrush 
  • buying reusable water bottle
  • making DIY toothpaste, etc.

The truth is that I wasn’t, and I’m still not, ‘perfect.’ I’m constantly learning new things that give me a new perspective and ideas for progress. Additionally, this blog motivates me to spread the message and make more sustainable choices.

Finally, I just wanted to say thank you so much for being here. It means a lot! For questions, collaboration ideas, or any other inquiries, feel free to send me an e-mail. Also, feel free to follow my social networks, where I try to post regularly: