17 Best Places To Sell Used Kids’ & Baby Clothes For Cash

Where to sell used baby clothes for cash

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You have kids that outgrow their closets, and now you wonder where to sell used baby clothes for cash? Or perhaps you want to buy and resell children’s clothes from thrift shops? 

Whichever is the case, you can indeed make quick cash by selling pre-loved children’s clothes, and in this article, I’ll share with you the BEST places to sell used kids & baby clothes fast.

Below, you can choose between two options:

  • Set up a profile in one of the marketplaces below, and sell kids’ clothes by yourself.
  • Send the clothes you want to sell to online marketplaces for cash, and let them sell the items for you. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at the best marketplaces places to sell children’s clothes.

17 Best Online Marketplaces to Sell Used Kid’s & Baby Clothes For Cash: 

1. eBay

Based in: Worldwide

eBay is one of the largest stores accessible to buyers and sellers across the globe. Since eBay is such a massive platform, it has a strong potential, and you can easily find customers if you want to sell pre-loved kid’s clothing.

How to sell kid’s clothes on eBay:

  • Choose your selling method: either auction-based or fixed-price.
  • Create a product description using keywords. These may include the brand, material size, and color.
  • Lastly, write additional information, such as detail variations, shipping time, cautions, and so on.
Where to sell used baby clothes for cash

2. Poshmark

Based in: the US, Canada, and Australia

Poshmark is an exclusive fashion selling marketplace, listing new and pre-loved items for all people and ages. Poshmark has an enormous community of 80 million members and 200 million listings. 

You can sell quickly since Poshmark has several features that ensure fast profit. For example, you can attend Posh Parties, which are virtual events where you can cater to millions of Poshmark’s community members. PoshPost, another feature, allows you to ship quickly, swiftly, and with little to no additional cost.

How to sell kid’s clothes on Poshmark:

  • First, click a picture of the clothing you want to sell.
  • Then, add a description of the product and set a price.
  • Finally, upload your item with the relevant hashtag and wait for the right customer!
Where to sell used baby clothes for cash

3. Mercari

Based in: the US | Japan

If you’re aiming for a more miniature, tidy marketplace, then Mercari is an excellent option to try out. The marketplace offers twelve listings, completely free, and only charges a seller fee when the sale is complete. 

Mercari is a relatively smaller platform, so it is easier to get your items noticed. In addition, given Mercari’s quality control and community management, you can ensure that you will sell successfully. 

How to sell kid’s clothes on Mercari:

  • First, set up your account, then add the item’s picture along with the accurate description and price.
  • Once a buyer has purchased your item, you have three business days during which you may pack it and ship it.
  • When the buyer receives the package, they’ll have three days to confirm that they’ve received it. Once they do, Mercari will release your payment.
Where to sell used baby clothes for cash

4. Tradesy

Based in: the US

If you can pull off an artsy photoshoot for the clothes you want to sell, then Tradesy will ensure you get the best and the highest-paying buyers for your items. 

The marketplace offers an incredible discount to buyers, which naturally brings together many potential customers for your clothing. Moreover, Tradesy strictly abides by trends, which means you’ll be able to get higher prices for fashion items that are popular. 

How to sell baby & kid’s clothes on Tradesy:

  • First, Tradesy assists its sellers in making their products look as stunning as possible.
  • Then, once you sell the item, they’ll send over a packaging kit in which you can pack and ship the item.
  • When the customer releases the payment, you can withdraw it from PayPal, debit card, or ACH transfer.
  • Tradesy will charge a $7.50 commission fee for transactions below $50. However, for any transaction amounting to more than $50, Tradesy will fix the commission rate at 19.8%.
Where to sell used baby clothes for cash

5. Kidizen

Based in: the US

Kidizen is a simple, interactive marketplace catering primarily to parents and kids. There are various segments in which you can categorize the clothing, such as prices, materials, tops, bottoms, etc. 

Since Kidizen is solely dedicated to kids’ clothing items, Kidizen is mainly used by parents who look for sustainable, gently used pieces for ethical fashion.

Kidizen works quite rigorously to form an integrated community. For instance, they offer free Kidizen business card customization to sellers. They also help sellers like you pick the right time to sell certain clothes to get the best prices.

How to sell kid’s clothes on Kidizen:

There are two ways to sell your items on Kidizen:

  1. First, you may use the website’s Seller Handbook, understand how Kidizen works, and create your listing accordingly.
  2. The second way is to take assistance from Kidizen’s sellers, also known as Style Scouts. If you don’t have the time to create listings and monitor sales, this is a much better way to get things done!
Where to sell used baby clothes for cash

6. Depop

Based in: Worldwide

Depop is another fantastic marketplace where you may sell kid’s clothes to buyers who have a well-defined taste. 

You can look up to other buyers to get inspiration for your clothing. You can also improve your ratings with help from other sellers and earn the title of Top Seller in the Depop industry.

How to sell kid’s clothes on Depop:

  • Take up to four pictures showcasing whatever you want to sell
  • Write down a description for the item and set a price
  • Get in touch with buyers who show interest, get the deal done, ship the package, and treat yourself with your new bucks!
Where to sell used baby clothes for cash

Where to sell used kids & baby clothes for cash – a quick list:

  • Kid To Kid – Across the US. Sort and prep clothes, toys, or any other gear you want to sell. You will then take it to one of their stores. After evaluating the items, they will make an offer. You can choose cash or 20% more in trade value. Find what do they buy on their website.
  • Children’s Orchard – Across the US. Wash, and sort the items you want to sell. Bring it to the shop, where the clothes will be evaluated. You can get cash on the spot or store credit. Use their store locator to find the closest shop to you.
  • MarKid – the US. Submit the items for selling (online), and then they will review and confirm the submission. Then, they will schedule a free pickup for the items. Once they receive the items, they photograph, list, and promote the items. Once an item is sold, you will get up to 80% of the final price.
  • Once Upon A Child – Across the US & Canada. Bring in the items you want to sell, and after a quick evaluation, you will get an offer on the spot. Find a map of their stores here.
  • Shop Tomorrows – the US. Post some pics, add a description, and set the price using their suggested pricing tool (1 Token = $1). You will receive tokens in your digital wallet when your item sells. Then you can shop with those tokens on their webshop.
  • Toy Cycle – the US. Order a shipping label, and send clothing that you want to sell. Once they sell it for you, and you will get paid. When your items sell, they will deduct a fee between $3-$12. Only your first consignment service with Toy Cycle is free.
  • Shop Bagsy – the US. Order a bag (for $3.99), and pack gently used clothing. Seal it, and drop it off at local UPS. After they get your package, they will inspect and sell the chosen items. In the end, you will earn 40% of the sale price.
  • Mini Cycle – Canada. Send (for free) items from one of these brands. They will evaluate the items based on their condition. You can get paid with a gift card or cash via Paypal transfer.
  • Build A Bundle – the UK. Add all the items you want to sell in a box, and send them. To book a slot to sell your items, email them at info@buildabundle.co.uk or contact via Facebook or Instagram. 
  • Katies Kids Clothes – the UK. First, you have to fill out their form. Then send images & info about the clothes you want to sell. After that, you will get an offer, and if you are happy with it, they will arrange a courier to come to your home and pick the clothes. After that, they will pay you via bank transfer, Paypal, or store credit.
  • Facebook Marketplace – The perfect place for buying and selling pre-loved kid’s clothes. Check local groups, or take a look at these: The Original Kids Closet Resale $25 and underGymboree Justice Carters Gap Any Brand Kids Clothing Buy Sell BSTOld Navy Gymboree Carters Any Brand Kids Clothing BSTMini Boden & Hanna Andersson BST Group, etc.
Where to sell used baby clothes for cash

Tips on selling kids clothes: 

Make sure the items are clean & wrinkle-free:

Before sending the clothing to a shop to sell them for you, make sure you follow their guidelines. They all have their own rules for buying and selling. The shops may turn down items if they are:

  • Too wrinkled or smelly (even if it’s a heavy fragrance from a laundry detergent)
  • Not a specific brand 

Sell outgrown clothes on online marketplaces FAST:

If you don’t want to waste time creating and managing multiple accounts to sell kids’ clothes, then you can use a cross-listing app! They’re a platform that allows you to add listings on numerous marketplaces at once so that you don’t have to keep juggling between them.

Try to minimize defects in pre-loved items:

Pre-loved clothing can quickly sell for a pretty good price tag, but only if it’s in mint condition. If you have old limited edition clothing items that your toddler once wore, then you can quickly sell them for a reasonable price if you fix any of its defects first.

This may include food stains, loose lining, discolorations, missing buttons, and so on. Fixing these little things can boost up the price.

List separate and bundle pieces:

If you want more people to consider your listings seriously, you may try listing all your items in either separate or bundled listings. 

For example, if you have a clothing item that doesn’t have any matching piece to go with it, you may post it as a separate item. But if you have a complete set of clothing that match well, you can list each of them separately and add suggestions to shop for the whole set at a discounted rate.

This way, it’ll be easy for your buyer to find what they’re looking for and increase their chances of buying from you!

Wait for special events:

School proms, spring breaks, annual festivals, and other occasions send buyers searching for affordable clothing options. Back-to-school weeks, prom weeks, and other special events where kids most definitely need new clothes are excellent opportunities to start selling. 

You can sell old school clothes, pre-loved pantsuits, theatre costumes, and anything else you feel would fit the trends in your target audience.

Sum up

Making quick bucks by selling pre-loved children’s clothing can be much easier than you think, especially if you use a cross-listing app, like Cross-list.

Which of those online marketplaces are you going to toss out first?

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