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Hi there! I have some exciting news to share with you. I am starting a new project called the “Good News Monday” newsletter.

Unfortunately, we are constantly bombarded by negative information about all the bad stuff happening worldwide. 

Showing some of the good things happening can be hopeful. It has the power to motivate us to keep caring for our planet and trying to make a positive change on a global scale in the long run.

The idea is simple – you will get a monthly newsletter (once or twice) containing information that will make you feel less overwhelmed & more positive by learning about the good things happening worldwide.

The Good News Monday will contain the following:

  • A fun fact/discovery I found.
  • 3-5 good news related to our planet.
  • New or updated articles on Almost Zero Waste.
  • A question on which I would love to hear your input.

Additionally, by signing to my newsletter, you will receive two free e-books:

  1. A practical e-book that will help you kick-start your *almost* zero waste lifestyle
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free e-books,almost zero waste

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