23 Best Places To Sell Used Clothes For Cash

where to sell second hand clothes

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Where can you sell used clothes for cash? 

There are many fantastic options, so if you wish to declutter your wardrobe while making some extra cash, keep reading to a list of 23 places where you can sell your used clothes.

You can either sell things by yourself or send them to some of the stores so that they can sell for you. 

In the end, you can also find additional tips to help you along the way. Now, let’s begin.

where can i sell used clothes for cash

23 Places To Sell Used Clothes For Cash:

In the US & Canada:

1. Poshmark

Based in: the US | Canada
Best for: Women, men & kids. Home, beauty & wellness
Commission: $2.95 fee for sales under $15. For sales over $15, 20% fee of the listing price.
Payout: Get in your checking account, request a check, or use the cash to buy items from Poshmark. 

where can i sell used clothes for cash

Poshmark is a convenient and user-friendly online place to sell used clothes for cash.

First, you list your items, and once you sell something, Poshmark will send you a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label.

You need to print it, pack the item, add the label, and drop it at the nearest post office.

2. Mercari 

Based in: the US
Best for: Women, men & kids apparel. Electronics, toys, home & beauty
Commission: 10% fee of the item price for a completed sale.
Payout: Direct deposit to your checking account, or you can get paid with Instant Pay

where can i sell used clothes for cash

Selling with Mercari is easy – make an account (through their app), add your listings, and wait for buyers.

Once someone buys from you, ship the item as soon as possible, and then you will get your money.

3. Tradesy 

Based in: the US
Best for: Women’s apparel and accessories, luxurious brands
Commission: A flat commission fee of $7.50 for items under $50. A commission rate of 19.8% over $50.
Payout: You can withdraw earnings using Paypal, a debit card, or an ACH transfer.

where can i sell used clothes for cash

Use the user-friendly app to list (usually more luxurious) clothing/accessories and ship with a free shipping kit provided by Tradesy. 

The Tradesy team handles any returns; as long as the listing is accurate, you’ll keep your payout.

4. Buffalo Exchange

Based in: the US 
Best for: Women & men’s apparel. See the brands they accept.
Payout: Buffalo pays 25% of their selling price in cash via PayPal or 50% in Store credit.

where can i sell used clothes for cash

Buffalo has 50 stores across the US. There are two possibilities if you want to sell your clothes to them:

  1. Make an appointment by calling Buffalo. It’s recommendable to wash the items before that and to give no more than 50 clothing pieces.  
  2. Request a bag online, fill it in with your items, and send it out (for free) with UPS. In a few weeks, Buffalo will send your cash and trade totals directly to your inbox.

For any items they refuse to buy, you can get them back for a $14.99 shipping fee or donate them to the Clothing for the Community® program.  

5. ThredUP 

Based in: the US | Delivers across the US
Best for: Women’s & children’s apparel, shoes, accessories 
Commission: Earn 3-15% for clothing priced $5 – $20 and up to 80% for clothes over $200.
Payout: Use the earnings as a shopping credit or transfer payments to your bank account via Stripe or to Paypal  

where can i sell used clothes for cash

To sell your clothes with ThredUP, you should request a Clean Out Standard bag (for free).

When you get it, place the clothing pieces inside, and send it back for free – schedule a USPS pickup or drop it off at a post office.

Once ThredUP receives the bag, they will evaluate the items they accept.  

Then, you will get an email with info about your upfront earnings versus potential consignment earnings.

When you accept the earnings ThredUP is offering you, they will list the items on their website. 

6. Crossroad Strading

Based in: the US
Best for: Women & men apparel. Find what they are looking for here.
Payout: 30% cash credit of what they price your items to sell for, or 50% in trade credit.


where can i sell used clothes for cash

Crossroad Strading has 37 store locations across the US. Get from them a prepaid UPS bag.

Add clean items in good condition, then send them in and wait for processing (up to 4 weeks). Afterward, you will get cash or trade credit.


Based in: the US
Best for: Designer and name brand clothes, shoes, and handbags. Find a list of brands they accept.
Commission: You will get between 50% and 70% of the profit
Payout: Stripe


where can i sell used clothes for cash

Relatively a new platform for selling second-hand clothes online that works like that: 

After you take and upload images of the items you want to sell, a Pro Seller will apply to sell your items.

They will set a price estimate along with their commission. You can review the Pro Sellers that applied and pick your favorite. 

After that, you will send the clothing to the Pro Seller (for free) with Flyp’s shipping label.

Once they receive the items, they will start selling for you.

They will do everything – photoshoot the things, create the listing, negotiate, sell, pack, and ship for you.

You will get paid once your Pro receives the funds for each sale.

The best part – you are always covered by Flyp Protection Policy.

8. The Real Real

Based in: the US | International shipping available
Best for Luxury women, men & kids’ clothing. Designer home items
Commission: Earn between 40% – 85%
Payout: Direct deposit, site credit (extra 5% each month), or mailed check


where can i sell used clothes for cash

Ship your items directly to The Real Real with free UPS pickup. A team will carefully evaluate every item.

Then, they will photograph, price, and sell your items. When someone buys something yours, you will get paid. 

You can also book a free appointment to video chat with a Luxury Manager to consult about pricing watches, jewelry & more. 


9. Le Prix

Based in: the US | Canada | Europe | Asia | Africa
Best for: Luxury apparel, accessories, handbags & jewelry 
Commission: Joining LePrix is free. By selling through Le Prix, you authorize them to charge a seller’s fee percentage of the sale price.


where can i sell used clothes for cash

They also deduct payout fees, including bank transfer and PayPal payment fees.

The team behind Le Prix reviews each order to ensure your orders are processed safely.

To sell items, you should fill in this form to request a prepaid shipping label.

10. Vestiaire Collective

Based in: the US | the UK | International
Best for: Designer women’s & men’s apparel. Bags, watches & jewelry
Commission: You’ll get 80% of the purchase price if you sell yourself. If Vestiaire sells it for you, you will get 75%.
Payout: You will get paid directly into your bank account.


where can i sell used clothes for cash

Vestiaire Collective is another luxury resale store that is very strict about the quality of the clothes you sell.

Once you submit them, a curation team will review the items.

When it gets sold, you will receive a prepaid shipping label to send the item to Vestiaire Collective (for free).

After it passes the Quality Control, they will ship the item to the buyer, and the payment will be processed.

11. Asos Marketplace

Based in: the UK | Operates worldwide
Best for: Your designs or vintage collections
Commission: £20 a month &  20% commission on sales (10% commission on all Clearance sales)


where can i sell used clothes for cash

To sell clothing on ASOS Marketplace, you must sell your designs or an authentic vintage collection (Y2K or older). You can apply for a Boutique here.

12. Etsy

Operates: Worldwide
Best for: Vintage or handmade clothing
Commission: 5 % Transaction fee, 3% + $0.25 payment processing fee, $0.20 listing fee. 
Payouts: Credit and debit cards, PayPal, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and Etsy Gift Cards


where can i sell used clothes for cash

You can open your Etsy shop by filling out the following form, in which you share more about your preferences.

From there, you upload your clothing pieces, write descriptions, and wait for them to get sold. 

13. eBay

Operates: Worldwide
Best for: Clothing, shoes & accessories
Commission: Free if the starting price is at least $100. 10% if the selling price is less than $100.
Payout: PayPal


where can i sell used clothes for cash

eBay is another great platform for dealing with everything yourself – listing, shipping, etc.

It’s beneficial, as it allows you to use their bidding option and to set a minimum sale price. 

14. Depop 

Operates: Worldwide | Local
Best for: Women & men apparel. Vintage clothing. 
Commission: charges 10% of each sale (plus PayPal fees). 


where can i sell used clothes for cash

To sell on Depop, you should download the app and create an account.

Then, you need to take up to four photos, describe what you’re selling, and add a price.

Once someone buys the item – you ship it and then get paid. 

15. Vinted

Based in: the US | the UK | some European countries  
Best for: Women, men & kids clothing 
Commission: Free



where can i sell used clothes for cash

You manage the whole process – from uploading the images and details about the clothing to shipping to the buyer.

The platform is very safe, too, so you are covered either when you buy or sell. 

16. Preloved

Based in: the UK
Best for: Women & men, clothing, accessories, bags, etc.
Commission: Free



where can i sell used clothes for cash

You should place a listing, fill in the details about the item, write the selling price, and share it on the online second-hand market.

Here you have a detailed explanation on how to sell on Preloved, with many tips. There is also a “Freeloved” category, with plenty of free things. 

17. Rebelle

Based in: Hamburg | Operates also in Italy, France, Netherlands | Worldwide delivery
Best for: Designer clothes, bags, shoes & accessories
Commission: 17% – 33%, or €20. The commission depends on the price of each item. You can find their chart here.



where can i sell used clothes for cash

At Rebelle, you can sell on your own, or they can sell for you.

You can send the items to Rebelle, and they will take care of everything. Once the item is sold, you will get the earnings.

18. Facebook Marketplace/Groups

Operates: Local
Best for: Women & men, clothing, accessories, bags, etc.
Commission: Free  



where can i sell used clothes for cash

Facebook Marketplace is another convenient and easy-to-use platform for selling second-hand clothes.

It is best if you plan to sell things locally.

You can combine the Marketplace with Facebook selling groups. 

19. The Fifth Collection

Based in: Singapore | Free Worldwide Shipping
Best for: Luxurious women’s apparel
Commission: Free – their commission (30%) is deducted from the buyer’s price. 
Payout: Bank transfer
Important note: You cannot consign items for sale if I don’t live in Singapore.



where can i sell used clothes for cash

To get started, use their contact form. You will get an individual personal seller that will contact you back.

They will arrange a pick of your items. Then their curation team will suggest pricing for the clothing.

You can accept or deny the offered price. If you accept, then they will photograph and sell your items.

Once your items are sold, they will pay you.

After the minimum consignment period, you can take back your items for free, including free delivery.

20. Carousell

Based in: Singapore | Also operates in – Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia,  Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, New Zealand, Canada
Best for: Women & men clothing 
Commission: No fees for sellers. 2% buyers fee 
Payout: To your credit or debit card



where can i sell used clothes for cash

The listings on Carousell are country-specific, meaning that your listings will be available to people from the same country you are living.   

21. Goodbyes

Based in: Australia
Best for: Women & men apparel
Payout: Pick up payments from their store



where can i sell used clothes for cash

Wash the clothes you want to sell (minimum 5 items), and bring them into one of their clothes.

They will sort the things, and the processing can take up to 2 weeks.

Once they are done, you will get an email with the pricing. 

Every time an item is sold, you will get an email that notifies you that there is a payment to collect.

If some things weren’t purchased in their 7-week period, you must collect them.

22. SWOP

Based in: Australia
Best for: Women & men apparel. Vintage. Find the brands they mostly look for here.
Payout: Upfront payment – 25% as cash, or 50% of the value of your items as SWOP credit 



where can i sell used clothes for cash

Bring clean clothes to their store. Check their local exchange booth opening times.

They will look at the items (the waiting times usually vary) and give you either 25% cash or 50% SWOP.

23. Clothes by the kilo 

See what is available to you locally. Here are a few places I found:

  • Recycle (the US) – Provides places where to sell used clothing per lbs & the price you will get.




where can i sell used clothes for cash

Tips for selling second-hand clothes online

Be honest:

Always write if there are some small defects on the garment.

In that way, you will create a trustworthy relationship with your buyers.

Give as accurate details as possible and mention any flaws, no matter how small they might be. 

Don’t sell ratty-ass old items:

If you want to get rid of and sell an old, discolored oversized t-shirt, probably nobody else will like it either.

Instead, donate it somewhere, cut it into pieces, and transfer it into a cleaning rug.

Don’t ask for 80-90% of the retail price:

Or do it. But know that most people won’t pay a lot for second-hand items (except if it’s something luxurious and almost new). 

Make good pictures:

If you sell by yourself, make sure to take good images.

You don’t need a fancy camera for that – your phone camera will do the job, too.

Try to take advantage of the daylight; it is preferable to wear the item in the picture, so people can see how it fits.

Take photos from different angles (front & back), close-ups, small details, and the tag. 


List the clothes’ correct size and measurements so people don’t receive items that can’t fit them. 

If you want to sell quickly:

Price the items 50-75 % off the retail price if you want to earn fast. 


Every app/website has its own rules.

Make sure you know the shipping rules and research how much it will cost to ship things around.

Also, prepare some craft paper, reuse old packaging materials, etc., to pack the items. 

Prepare the second-hand clothes for sale:

Wash the clothes, and if necessary, make any small repairs before sending them to the buyer.

It is essential to send the items in good condition so that people will be satisfied, which will possibly lead to:

  • More purchases from the same buyer.
  • He/she will recommend you to others.
  • You will get a positive review so that more people will trust you.

Update & Be active:

Try to regularly update your shop and be active on the app/website.

Make sure to reply to potential buyers fast. 

where can i sell used clothes for cash


How to price used clothes (used clothing price guide)?

You can do the following –

First, search for similar listings and see how many people sell items like yours.

Second, reduce the price by at least 50%-70% off the retail price if you want to sell quickly.

For luxurious and designer items, you can use this price calculator to help you out. 

How much money can you earn by selling second-hand clothes?

There are many stories on how people make $1,700, $100,000, or even £1MILION by selling second hands online.

But how much can you make, for real?

It honestly depends on how much effort you want to put in and the clothing items you want to sell.

If you want to sell clothes you already have in your wardrobe, a good estimation can be a few hundred dollars.

You can earn a bit extra if you have some luxurious items. 

However, if you plan to hunt for trendy second-hand items and then resell them – you can earn much more.  

How to sell used clothes offline? 

Look around for a local place where they accept clothes. It is a common practice to create an event where people bring their clothes and sell them.

The last option is to make a clothing swap, similar to the selling event, but instead of selling things, you swap between each other (for free).

To organize such an event, follow my guide here.

Is it worth selling clothes online? 

It is worth it. For 2018, the total amount of textiles that was combusted was 3.2 million tons.

Landfills received 11.3 million tons of textiles.

Even if you don’t make hundreds of dollars, you will save many items from going to the landfill. 

Is it worth it to sell on ThredUP?

It’s worth it if you want to save clothing from going to waste.

However, if your goal is to make a lot of money, know this – ThredUP pays very little if the items are cheap.

If your clothes are listed between $5-$40, you will get just between 3%-30% of the item’s price. 

A lot of people expect to get a decent amount of cash when selling with ThredUP. But in the end, they receive very little.

If you send ThredUP more luxurious and high-quality unwanted clothes, you might make more money, but don’t expect to make much for cheaper things. 

Who pays the most for used clothing? 

It depends on what you are selling, and if you do it by yourself, you will send the items to someone to sell for you.

3 sites that sell clothes for you, do (most of) the job, and pay best for your old clothes are:

  • Tradesy (flat commission fee of $7.50 for items under $50, or 19.8% for items over $50) 
  • Poshmark (for sales under $15, the fee is $2.95, if $15 or more, the fee is 20%)
  • Flyp (you will get 50-70% of the profit)


There you have it – 20+ of the best places to sell clothes for cash and an easy way to quickly get space in your wardrobe and make some extra money.

Do you have a platform you love the most, or did I miss some second-hand online markets? Let me know in the comments below!

where can i sell used clothes for cash

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