Merilin Vrachovska

Merilin Vrachovska

I'm Meri, and my goal is to share my experiences and knowledge on how anyone can live more sustainably. I share tips, guides, and different ways of becoming *almost* zero waste! You can find other topics, such as how to recycle different materials, how to make your own products, where to find fantastic zero waste goods, etc. For more information, check the About page!

Healthy Juicy Apple Pecan Loaf (Vegan)

Juicy Apple Pecan Loaf (Vegan)

This incredibly juicy, moist, healthy Apple Pecan Loaf is probably my new favorite thing! It is not only super delicious, but it is very healthy and ideal for breakfast - just spread some nut butter on top, and...

Coconut Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies - Almost Zero Waste

Coconut Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies

What better way to indulge a sweet craving with wholesome and healthy Coconut Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies? They are crisply from the outside and soft from the inside, with melting chocolate pieces and a fresh coconutty flavor. What...

6 Ways Smoking Affects The Environment - Almost Zero Waste

6 Ways Smoking Affects The Environment

Smoking and cigarette butts are among the most common forms of plastic pollution on earth. Cigarettes can cause real, lasting damage not only to your health but also to our ecosystems.  But exactly how does smoking affect the...

Chocolate Protein Cashew Fudge (Vegan) - Almost Zero Waste

Chocolate Protein Cashew Fudge (Vegan)

In this article, I will share a healthy, vegan, and satisfying Chocolate Protein Cashew Fudge recipe that requires less than 10 minutes to make and 5 ingredients. Let’s jump right in! Ingredients for the Chocolate Protein Cashew Fudge:...

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About me

Hi there! My name is Meri and I'm behind Almost Zero Waste - a platform, where you can find how to live sustainably, where to find plastic-free goods, eco-friendly guides, and much more. To learn more, check my "About" page!