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28 Fun Ways To Celebrate Earth Day In 2024

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Earth Day is a great reminder of the interconnectedness of everything, and that each action we take, whether it’s planting a tree, reducing waste, or supporting sustainable practices, contributes to the health and well-being of our planet. 

I got excited for this Earth Day and decided to share with you a list of meaningful actions you can take, to help preserve our environment. 

And the best part is, you don’t have to wait for the actual ‘Earth Day’ to celebrate our planet. You are allowed to do it any day of the year. 😝

I’ll start with the list of 28 fun things you can do today to celebrate Earth Day, and in the end, you can find an FAQ section if you want to learn a bit more about Earth Day & why it is important.

Let’s begin.

ways to celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day: 29 Ways To Make A Difference Today

Earth Day has had a significant impact on raising awareness about environmental issues and promoting sustainability. 

It encourages individuals and communities to take action to protect the planet, promote sustainability practices, and advocate for policy changes to address environmental challenges. 

Over the years, Earth Day has inspired millions of people to participate in environmental initiatives, leading to increased conservation efforts, cleaner air and water, and greater awareness of the importance of preserving our planet.

spending time in nature

So, what can you do today to celebrate Earth Day? Here are my 29 suggestions: 

  1. Spend time in nature: Take a walk in a local park. Lie in the grass. Climb a tree. Listen to the birds singing. Observe. Doing so will make you feel more appreciative, and connected with the natural world around you.
  2. Go on a bike ride: A fun, easy way to connect more intimately with nature and your surroundings, while producing zero emissions. By enjoying the outdoors on two wheels, you’re not only benefiting the planet but also nurturing your physical and mental well-being.
  3. Plant a tree: Join a tree-planting event in your community or plant a tree in your yard or neighborhood park. ​Alternatively, you can plant a tree with tentree for $1.
  4. Pick up litter: Take a walk in your neighborhood, or a park, and get with you a bag. Pick up the litter you see on the street. You can also see if there are organized events for picking up litter in your local area. 
  5. Try to avoid all single-use plastics today: Challenge yourself, and avoid all single-use plastic; this means obvious ones like plastic water bottles, plastic bags, and plastic-wrapped snacks, but also less obvious ones, like fruit stickers, paper cups (they contain plastic), receipts (a hard one to avoid!), etc. If you’re curious, here’s a list of 22 surprising things that contain plastic
  6. Participate in an environmental project: Usually on this day, there are various workshops, or activities you can join by various green organizations. You can check what’s available locally to you and participate. For example, I’ll join a ‘zero waste workshop’ where we’ll talk about plastic-free living, and in the end, make a DIY deodorant. 🙂
  7. Support eco-friendly businesses: Choose to support companies that prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly practices.
  8. Have a vegan brunch: Plant-based diets are much more environmentally friendly, so treat yourself to a tasty vegan brunch today. 🍆 Wondering what are the most sustainable foods? Find out here.
  9. Experiment with new *plant-based* dishes: Make one of these tasty vegan recipes to impress your friends & family.
  10. DIY something: If there are no workshops where you live, you can also try to DIY something at home. You can follow some of my guides, and create your homemade toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash, coffee scrub, etc.
  11. Visit your local farmers market: Buy locally grown produce to support farmers’ markets & reduce the impact of food transportation. 🥕​
  12. Get creative with your leftovers: Repurposing them into new dishes like soups, stir-fries, and salads to reduce food waste and elevate your meals. Find out how to store food properly to last longer here.
  13. Skip the car: If possible, walk, bike, carpool, or use public transportation to reduce carbon emissions from driving. Here you can learn more about the most eco-friendly ways of transportation for short & long distances. 🚂
  14. Mindful consumption: Start small; Reduce water usage by fixing leaks, take shorter showers, stop the water while brushing your teeth, etc. Conserve energy by turning off lights and electronics when not in use. 🚿​ Install a programmable thermostat to optimize heating and cooling energy usage in Upgrade to energy-efficient LED light bulbs and use natural light whenever possible.
  15. Eco-friendly movie night: Host a “green” movie night featuring documentaries or films about environmental conservation and sustainability. Here’s a list of movies you can watch. 🎥
  16. Host a Clothing swap: Organize a clothing swap with friends or donate gently used clothing to charity instead of throwing it away. Find tips on how to do it here. ♻️​
  17. Get reusables: Replace single-use items with reusable alternatives, such as water bottles, bags, and containers. Here’s a list of the most polluting items & eco-swaps
  18. Advocate for environmental policies and initiatives: Contact elected officials for specific inquiries, participate in environmental campaigns or petitions, etc.
  19. Host a plant swap with friends or neighbors to exchange cuttings or seedlings: By sharing plants, you can promote biodiversity in your community and introduce new species to your garden. 
  20. Nature-inspired art: Create nature-inspired art using found objects such as leaves, twigs, and flowers. A great way to spark creativity and foster a deeper appreciation for the beauty of the natural world. This is also a fun activity if you have kids. 🙂 
  21. Backyard nature expedition: Organize a backyard or neighborhood nature scavenger hunt for kids. This activity promotes outdoor exploration and helps children learn about local plants, insects, and wildlife in a fun and engaging way.
  22. Build a bird feeder or insect hotel using recycled materials: Another fun idea for kids! By providing shelter and food for birds and insects, children can contribute to local biodiversity and create welcoming habitats for wildlife.
  23. Nature journaling: Start a nature journal to document observations, drawings, and thoughts about the natural world. Great way to promote mindfulness, creativity, and environmental awareness, for both adults and kids, to connect with nature through writing and art.
  24. Volunteer for a river or beach cleanup to remove litter and debris from natural waterways: By taking action to clean up local ecosystems, participants help protect wildlife, prevent pollution, and preserve the f natural environment.
  25. Host a picnic in a local park: Invite some friends, and create a fun picnic date. Instead of using disposable plates, cups, and utensils, opt for reusable ones. Visit farmers’ markets to get seasonal fruits, vegetables, and other local treats. You can play an Eco Trivia (get inspiration for the questions from those Earth Day quizzes). Make plant-based snacks & dips. To get more ideas on organizing an eco-friendly event, check out my article.
  26. Start a community composting program: Ideal way to divert organic waste from landfills and create nutrient-rich soil for gardens. Composting at home or in a community setting reduces greenhouse gas emissions, conserves resources, and promotes sustainable living practices. Start a backyard composting system to recycle food scraps and yard waste into nutrient-rich soil for gardening. 
  27. Encourage recycling: Create a recycling station at your home (or office) with separate bins for paper, plastic, glass, and metal materials.
  28. Reflect and commit: Consider taking some time to reflect on your environmental impact and commit to making small & positive changes in your daily habits. Start small; pick 1-2 habits that you can easily incorporate into your days. Here’s a list of ideas
spending time in nature


When was the first Earth Day?

The first Earth Day was on April 22, 1970.

Who started Earth Day and why?

In 1969, Senator Gaylord Nelson was inspired to address environmental issues after witnessing an oil spill in Santa Barbara. Partnering with activist Denis Hayes, they organized the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, aiming to mobilize public awareness and action. The event saw 20 million Americans participate in demonstrations against industrial impacts, leading to support for environmental legislation and the creation of the EPA.

Why do we celebrate Earth Day?

We celebrate Earth Day to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote conservation efforts worldwide.

hiking in nature

What happened on the first Earth Day?

On the first Earth Day in 1970, millions of Americans participated in rallies, marches, and teach-ins to protest environmental degradation and advocate for environmental action.

How is Earth Day celebrated around the world?

Earth Day is celebrated around the world through a wide range of activities, including community clean-ups, tree plantings, educational workshops, and advocacy campaigns for environmental protection and sustainability.

What’s the Earth Day theme for 2024?

The theme for Earth Day 2024 is Planet vs Plastics, which emphasizes the urgent need to address plastic pollution for the preservation of our planet. The focus is on demanding a 60% reduction in the production of all plastics by 2040. This initiative aims to highlight the critical importance of safeguarding both human and planetary health by combatting plastic pollution at its source.

outdoor vegan picnic party


You don’t have to go wild and do all of the suggestions. Pick one (or two) that feels most exciting for you. 

Even if it is simply spending more time in nature, or going on a bike ride, it can be a great way to celebrate Earth Day.

The truth is that building a relationship with nature can foster a sense of connection with the Earth and a deeper appreciation for the natural world. 

This connection can lead to increased environmental awareness and a desire to protect and preserve the planet.

Anyway, I hope some of these ideas caught your eye, and you’ll try it out today. Every action, no matter how small, makes a difference. Happy Earth Day! 🙂

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