44 Zero Waste Online Stores (2024)

A List Of Zero Waste Online Stores

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Are you looking for zero waste online stores and online bulk stores?

In this article, you can find a selection of online zero waste stores worldwide!

You can find shops selling zero waste 1) reusable products & plastic-free items and online stores offering 2) different products in bulk, like legumes, dried goods, spices, etc.

I separated the zero waste shops based on their location and type. The categories are:

  • Zero waste online shops & bulk stores in the US
  • Zero waste online shops & bulk stores in the UK
  • Zero waste online shops in Europe
  • Zero waste online shops worldwide

Let’s begin!

Zero Waste & Bulk Online Shops In The US:

Earth Hero

Product range: Zero waste essentials
Based in: Boulder, Colorado
Shipping: the US

As an eco-friendly online marketplace, with only sustainably sourced products. Earth Hero is a B-certified corporation and a member of 1% For The Planet. They also partner with the Carbon Fund and offset the carbon emissions from shipping and transportation of products.

Life Without Plastic

Product range: Home essentials, on-the-go products, personal products, etc. 
Based in: New York & Gatineau (Canada)
Shipping: International

Life Without Plastic was launched in 2006 by Jay and Chantal. Currently, they have a small team of people around the world. Their goal, which I love, is to create a world without fossil-fuel-derived plastic. You can find over 450 unique products for living a life with less plastic. Moreover, Life Without Plastic has a European website, too.

Eco Roots

Product range: Home & kitchen and bath & beauty
Based in: Colorado
Shipping: International shipping is available

EcoRoots is a small business based in Colorado. They don’t have an enormous amount of items, but they have the essential ones. Plus, all of the plastic-free products they sell are ethically and sustainably sourced. They donate a portion of every sale to the Ocean Conservancy.

Zero Waste Store

Product range: Personal care, Home, kids & baby products, pet care, travel kits
Based in: Florida 
Shipping: International

Zero Waste Store offers a vast range of zero waste products, and the best part is that the items are earth & ocean-friendly, natural, sustainably sourced, and palm oil-free. They don’t accept returns because of the environmental impact, however, that if you receive a damaged or defective item, you should send them an email.

Package Free Shop

Product range: Home, personal care, office items, pets, kids & baby
Based in: New York
Shipping: International

Lauren Singer found Package Free Shop, which offers everything you need to live a less trashy life.


Product range: Kitchen & dining, Bath & beauty, Cleaning, To-go, Kits & gift sets
Based in: Dallas, Texas
Shipping: International

ZeroVana is a small business, owned by Nami & Anjan. Their goal is to help others to reduce their footprint by lowering their impact and living waste-free. ZeroVana donates 1% of its profits to a non-profit partner National Forest Foundation (NFF) to plant trees.

Well Earth Goods

Product range: Zero waste essentials personal care, cleaning, kitchen & food storage, to-go, composters, etc. 
Shipping: the US
Based in: Oregon

Well Eath Goods’s goal is to minimize waste, by helping others to use plastic-free products from sustainable resources. They offer a large range of eco-friendly, plastic-free and reusable items, that will help you to reduce plastic pollution!

Eco Collective

Product range: Cleaning, On the go, Home, Wellness & Beauty, Office & School
Shipping: the US
Based in: Washington

Eco Collective is another awesome zero-waste online shop, that offers sustainable alternatives to everyday essentials! The owners are three cool girls, which also have a physical store in Ballard, Seattle.


Product range: Personal care, Cleaning & Home, To Go & Grocery, Kid section, Gifts
Based in: Colorado 
Shipping: US

THE ZERO MARKET believes that living a zero-waste lifestyle should not be inconvenient. That’s why they offer over 150 essential zero waste goods on their online shop, and over 1200 products in-store. THE ZERO MARKET has a selection of completely package free items, too.

A Drop in the Ocean

Product range: Kitchen, laundry, personal care, travel essentials
Shipping: Free shipping to orders over $50
Based in: Tacoma, Washington

A Drop in the Ocean specializes in bulk refills and raw materials, along with sustainable alternatives to common disposable items. Their aim is to make sustainable living accessible to all. Additionally, with each and every purchase, 10 trees are planted across the globe! They reuse boxes and packaging materials whenever possible, and they use paper tape and 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

The Good Fill

Product range: All-natural products for the body and home, available in either refillable containers or returnable refill pouches
Shipping: the US
Based in: Nashville, Tennessee

All of their products are plant-based, biodegradable, cruelty-free, vegan, and free from phosphates, preservatives, or palm oil. They use BPA-free plastic pouches. Once you are done with the product, you can mail the empty pouches back. They will clean and re-fill them, again and again. 


Product range: Home and body cleaning products, such as dish soap, hand & body wash, cleaning spray, etc.
Shipping: Free shipping on all refill and started packs
Based in: North Carolina (with 25 refill stations)

Fillaree is a zero-waste soap manufacturer, with over 25 refill stations throughout the United States. They are listed on their website. Their products are palm oil-free and handmade. 

Fillaree works on a subscription refill model. You can choose a shipment frequency and receive 32 oz of the product in a BPA-free plastic bottle. Once it’s empty, just send it back in a prepaid paper envelope.

The Refill Shoppe

Product range: Refillable products & other zero waste essentials
Shipping: Shipping within the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska
Based in: California

All the bulk items The Refill Shoppe sells are made in the US. The Refill Shoppe is also a Certified B Corporation, and they are a member of 1% For the Planet, meaning that they donate 1% of all sales to environmental non-profits every month.

Meliora Cleaning Products

Product range: Cleaning products, laundry powder, bath & body soaps
Shipping: Free US Shipping over $49
Based in: Chicago

Meliora cleaning products are Certified B Corporation, MADE SAFE Certified, 1% for the Planet Member, and the Certified Cruelty-Free! This can ensure that they are truly interested in creating products, that are good for the people, and the planet. Their zero waste cleaning products are vegan and free from dyes, preservatives, palm oil, and synthetic fragrances.

No Tox Life

Product range: Unpackaged and refill options, cleaning supplies & personal care
Shipping: US & International
Based in: Los Angeles 

No Tox Life is a local family-run business, with a simple goal – to provide natural, toxin-free vegan body care to help you live a cleaner, greener life. Each product is handmade using only high-quality ingredients! They sell some of their handmade products to a wide variety of stores worldwide – take a look at this map and find the closest option to you.

 Fill Good

Product range: Bath & Body, Home, Babies & Kids, Gift sets, On The Go, Pets
Shipping: the US 
Based in: Albany, New York

Their goal is not just to sell stuff, but to provide resources for people to reduce their waste and engage with the community. The products they sell are cruelty-free, nontoxic, (mostly) vegan and organic. They work with suppliers that ship their products without (or very little) plastic, which is reused. 

Plaine Products

Product range: Reffilable shampoo & conditioner, body wash & hand soap, body lotion & face wash, moisturizer, etc.
Shipping: the US
Based in: Ohio

Plaine makes environmentally friendly & vegan bath and beauty products in refillable metal bottles. The products are non-GMO and organic and free of sulfates, parabens, and toxins. When you finish the product, you can send them back the bottle, to be washed and reused.

Azure Standard’s Bulk Foods Online 

Product range: Fresh produce, legumes & grains, pasta, nuts & dried fruits, spices & herbs, pet food
Shipping: the US
Based in: Moro, Oregon

Azure grows and manufactures a variety of healthful products, and provides healthy food distribution across the US. It is a fantastic online grocery store, with farm-grown organic foods and earth-friendly products. You can order once, or you can create a subscription.

You can buy things in sizes ranging from 1 to 25 pounds. Most (but not all!) bulk supplies come in compostable paper bags. Since this is NOT a zero-waste “company”, it’s best if you contact them before ordering, to make sure that your order will be plastic-free.


Product range: Grains & cereals, Legumes, Nuts, fruits & seeds, Baking & spices, Tea & Coffee, Nut butter, oils
Shipping: Currently serving Berkeley, Oakland, and San Leandro

Fulfilld delivers bulk food without packaging waste! They are a waste-free and convenient way to buy your groceries. Once you’re done with the product, they will pick it up & refill it. They offer bulk prices on 100+ items, convenient delivery. All of their containers are non-toxic, BPA-free, reusable, biodegradable, and refillable.

Gneiss Spice

Product range: spices
Shipping: International shipping available
Based in: Bethel, Maine

With Gneiss Spice, you can customize your spice kit and get the spices in glass jars (they offer different jar sizes, too!). Furthermore, they will ship you refills in compostable packaging.

Spice refills are packaged in plant-based, biodegradable cellophane bags and closed with a compostable plant-based label. The lids of the jars have magnets, so you can put them on your fridge. Their spices are organic and ethically sourced.

Zero Waste & Bulk Stores In The UK:

Plastic Freedom 

Product range: Beauty products, home products, on-the-go, clothing, food items, gift sets, etc.
Shipping: the UK, Europe, the US, Australia & Canada
Based in: Crossens, Southport

Beth (the owner) started Plastic Freedom when she noticed how much plastic is used every single day. Her goal is to offer plastic-free alternatives to anything you can think of. Plastic Freedom plants trees for every order, and you will get your order 100% plastic-free.

Kick Plastic 

Product range: A compact selection of plastic-free products for skincare & hair care, home, cleaning, on-the-go, gifts, etc.
Shipping: UK & Europe
Based in: Herefordshire

Kick Plastic aims to bring you a variety of carefully chosen and researched alternatives to single-use and short-life plastic items. At Kick Plastic, they believe that living a more sustainable life should be accessible and affordable to everyone with any budget!

Zero Waste Club 

Product range: Bathroom, beauty, kitchen, stationary, travel
Shipping: UK, Europe & the US
Based in: London

They have a physical shop with dried fruits, nuts, legumes, and many more different foods in bulk! Zero Waste Club is offsetting their CO2 by planting trees, and they believe that anyone can learn how to reduce their waste and become (almost) zero waste. 

Zero Waste Bulk Foods

Product range: Pulses, Cereals, Muesli & Granola, Coffee & Tea, Dried Fruit, Flour & Grains, Nuts & Seeds, Pasta & Rice
Shipping: UK, Scotland, Northern Ireland & International
Based in:  Horsham, West Sussex

Тhe concept of this Zero Waste Online Bulk Shop was born so people with no access to a bulk store can have an option and can continue their zero waste journey. 

All of their products are packaged in plastic-free bags – certified home compostable grade plant-based bags and recyclable or compostable kraft brown paper bags

Waste not want not

Product range: Cereal, baking, grains, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, chocolate, seasoning, oil, tea, personal care & cleaning products
Shipping: UK & International
Based in: Bridport

Waste not want not pack the goods in recycled food grade paper bags, your food packaging will be fastened with undyed sustainably-grown string. The minimum total order for home delivery: £10. You can find more about the delivery options and locations on their website.

Zero Waste & Bulk Stores In Europe:

Sin Plastico | Spain 

Product range: Home & Kitchen, Bath & body, Kids & babies, Take away, Books
Shipping: Spain & Europe

Green Revolucia | Bulgaria

Product range: Zero waste kits, homeware, eco-friendly cosmetics, menstrual products
Shipping: Bulgaria & Europe delivery possible (contact vera@greenrevolucia.com)

Bleschu | Denmark

Product range: Kitchen, Bathroom, Cleaning, Outdoor, Accessories, Books & Magazines 
Shipping: Denmark

Mio Bio | Denmark

Product range: Personal care, Make-up, Home & Kitchen, Children, On the road, Present, Ingredients for DIYing goods
Shipping: Denmark & International

Original Unverpackt | Germany

Product range: Personal care, Storage, Cleaning, DIY, Books, Lifestyle
Based in: Berlin
Shipping: Germany & Europea

Naturalou | Germany 

Product range: Personal care, Household, Lifestyle, On the road, Children 
Shipping: Germany, Switzerland & Austria

Mes courses en vrac | France

Product range: Home, Hygiene & beauty, Cleaning products, DIY, Baby & children
Based in: the Alps
Shipping: France & Europe

0zero | Ukraine 

Product range: Bath & Home, Books & Presents, Kitchen, Travel, Cleaning
Shipping: Ukraine 

Solo Peso Netto | Italy

Product range: Food in bulk, including – cereals, legumes, spices, tea, coffee, bulk detergents, pet food, sweets
Based in: Florence
Shipping: Italy

Zemito | Slovakia 

Product range: Zero waste swaps, home goods, personal care, on-the-go
Shipping: Slovakia

Nu Spring | Czech Republic

Product range: a “zero waste” category with natural cosmetics, make-up, food
Shipping: Czech Republic and Slovakia

Zero Waste & Bulk Stores Worldwide:

For Earths Sake | India

Product range: They are a zero-waste store & coffee combined. They offer zero waste items such as – Personal care products, Bottles, Cups, Straws, Stationery, Utilities, Soaps, Toothpaste
Shipping: across India 
Based in: Gurugram

Eco Indian | India

Product range: Organic grocery & staples (bulk), Snacks & beverages (bulk), Personal care products, Household products.
Shipping: India
Based in: Mylapore

Mapeei – Uma vida sem plastico | Brazil

Product range: Personal care, On the go, Home & Cleaning, Zero waste kits
Shipping: Brazil
Based in: São Paulo

Zero Waste Bali | Indonesia

Product range: Eco-products and zero waste essentials & Bulk food (almost anything you can think of)
Based in: Bali 
Shipping: You can select the things you need, and send clean & empty containers to their store. Then they will refill and deliver your order! (applicable for the south of Bali).

Nu grocery | Canada

Product range: Cleaning, Personal care, On the go, Kitchen, Books & Gift cards, DIY.
Shipping: $12 flat rate for Canada-wide shipping

Live Zero | Hong Kong

Product range: Bulk food, bulk beauty products, reusable, body & face care, home & household cleaning, baby & children.
Shipping: Hong Kong. International shipping available

The Source Bulk Foods | Australia

Product range: Beans, grains & cereals, Coffee & tea, Cooking & flour, Dried fruits, nuts, seeds, Herbs & spices, Oils, Pasta & rice, Snacks, Waste-free items
Shipping: Across Australia

Zero Waste Store | Australia

Product range: Personal care products to items on the go, and for the kids. A fully-packed zero-waste store with all the items you might need
Shipping: Australia & International

Zero Waste Online Stores

That’s it, folks!

I’m sure there are more great options, feel free to share more online stores in the comment section below, so I can update the list. 🙂

If you are the owner of the shop, you can include additional info (product range, shipping, location, etc.) so I can update the list faster.


  1. Another great option in California is Eco Now https://www.econowca.com/ since they used reduced, compostable packaging for your zero waste items and they serve the Orange County area refilling your reused containers with bulk items delivered to your door. You should check them out and see if they belong on this list as well. Great, informative article tho!

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