Is tentree Legit: Review (2024)

tentree review

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tentree is an apparel brand that makes sustainable clothing, and its goal is to become the most progressive brand on the planet.

But, how transparent is the brand, and most importantly – 

Is tentree legit?

tentree is a unique, sustainable apparel brand that makes ethically manufactured high-quality, comfortable men’s and women’s clothing essentials made of sustainable materials. What makes them different is that they plant ten trees for every item purchased!

In this article, you will learn more about the brand’s mission, ethics, materials, and manufacturing, plus a review of the items I got from tentree.

Let’s jump right in!

is tentree legit

quick facts about tentree:

  • tentree is a sustainable apparel brand, making beautiful Earth-friendly essentials
  • It is a Canadian brand based in Vancouver
  • the brand is planting ten trees for every item ordered
  • it was founded in 2012 by Dave Luba, Kalen Emsley, and Derrick Emsley

Is tentree really eco-friendly? 

Yes, and what’s more, tentree’s goal is to become the most sustainable and progressive clothing brand on the planet. They are trying to achieve their goal by:

  • using eco-friendly materials for their clothing (more about that later!)
  • the use of renewable energy in their supply chain to reduce the environmental impact
  • the brand is officially Climate Neutral Certified – This means they measure and offset all of the emissions it takes to run their business. That includes all upstream product emissions, shipping emissions, business travel, and utilities at their office
  • tentree is also a B-certified corporation which means they uphold the highest regard and respect for our employees, communities, and our environment
  • tentree offset all of its emissions and invest in projects to compensate for all of its measured carbon emissions
tentree reviews

What is tentree mission? 

The brand is committed to making choices where the planet and its people come first.

tentree uses the most environmentally progressive fabrics and materials in the world to make beautiful and timeless essentials, and for each item you order, they plant ten trees. 

tentree’s mission is to plant 1 billion trees by 2030! So far, they’ve planted 77,834,242.

Additionally, for tentree, ”offsetting” doesn’t mean that no harm equates to change. They want to go beyond neutral and do something positive for the planet. 

They make offsetting easy, accessible, and impactful with their Climate+ packages, which means you can support planting trees to offset daily pleasures, such as food delivery, a road trip, daily driving, etc.

Why ten trees per item?

Because we have tonnes of excess carbon dioxide in our air, trees have the superpower to sequester carbon, which means they absorb the excess carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and store it. 

But that’s not all! Trees are unique because they also can:

  • Produce oxygen
  • Clean our air from harmful particles
  • Provide homes for wildlife
  • Additional food sources and income for the locals
  • Their leaves release water vapor that cools the planet even more.

Just ten trees can offset the impact of a weekend road trip, 

Why not focus on just planting trees, then? 

tentree explains that planting trees and hiring the right people to plant them costs money. Therefore, the brand needs a source of income to offset and support these costs. 

Because of this, the brand ensures the items are sustainably produced, with eco-friendly materials, so they don’t create more harm to the planet.

Their goal isn’t to reduce their negative impact but also to create a positive one.

is tentree legit

Does tentree actually plant 10 trees? 

tentree really plants 10 trees per item, and they guarantee that all your trees will be planted within six months of your purchase.  

You can always contact their partners and verify their contributions (both financial and in-person) have been made. 

I decided to do it and got a confirmation from the following tentree partners: Plant With Purpose, One Tree Planted, Eden Reforestation Projects, and Trees for the Future.

tentree is regularly documenting and sharing more about the planting sites over their blog, where you can find more information.

They are also working on a new way to make tracking and verifying your trees easier. 

The partners of tentree are also establishing photo stations at the planting sites; it is a new verification software they have been working on, so stay tuned! 

Where tentree manufacture its clothes?  

tentree clothes are designed in Canada and ethically manufactured worldwide – in China, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Poland, India, Philippines, and Vietnam.

tentree partners with factories that meet the highest standards for ethical labor rights and regularly goes on routine audits of the factories.

Before any production can begin, all suppliers must sign and adhere to tentree Code of Conduct guidelines and international labor standards.

Out of their 23 factories, 9 aren’t visited by tentree (but their manufacturing page says it is ‘in planning).

tentree review

What materials does tentree use?

tentree uses the following sustainable fabrics & materials:

  • TENCEL™ – A responsibly sourced wood pulp fiber produced in a “closed-loop” process; its solvents are reused, and no contaminants are released into the environment
  • Recycled polyester – From discarded plastic bottles from landfills, giving plastic waste a new life, one that isn’t toxic to our planet
  • Organic cotton – Grown with minimal use of harsh chemicals, ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for farmers and their families
  • Hemp – One of the most sustainable natural fibers on the planet – incredibly strong, naturally anti-microbial, and UV resistant

You can read more details about the materials here.

Items I got from tentree

Hemp Resort Shirt

I got a beautiful, lightweight shirt made of a blend of TENCEL™ and hemp. I love the earthy colors, and how comfy it feels. I love this shirt because it is:

  • Stylish 
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Ideal for cool summer nights 
  • Available in two colors
  • Neutral, earth-tone color that can fit with almost anything 
tentree hemp shirt

French Terry Cropped Wide Leg Sweatpant

I also got super, soft, comfy wide-leg sweatpants from organic cotton. The black color isn’t as dark as it seems, but I still love it. Those pants are:

  • Comfy and soft fabric
  • Perfect fit  
  • Lightweight
  • Available in four colors
  • Fit well with most of my clothes
tentree sweatpants

Pros & Cons of tentree


  • Uses 100% sustainable & upcycled materials – This results in beautiful, high-quality pieces that will last longer. 
  • Plant ten trees for every item you order – Up to date, tentree has planted 77,834,242 trees! You can scan a QR code and see where the trees will be planted.
  • Plant trees with their Climate+ packages – You can offset daily pleasures like extra-steamy showers, avocado toast, road trips, or a lifetime of gift wrap! 
  • Affordable & similar prices to regular, non-sustainable brands. 
  • Durable, beautiful timeless pieces.


  • Production takes place in countries with extreme risk of labor abuse – Unfortunately, even when brands have strict guidelines for suppliers, there can be a lack of transparency further down. Regular audits can ensure that suppliers and factories meet these standards.
  • Ships items in plastic – On a positive note, the plastic they use isn’t virgin; it is made of recycled plastics, so at least no new plastic is needed for their bags.
  • tentree uses wool – There are many reasons why wool is an unnecessary and unethical option.
tentree packaging
tentree packaging


tentree is a progressive, sustainable brand that constantly strives to improve.

If you are looking for new eco-friendly brands and would like to start buying more ethical clothing, tentree is an excellent option.

Their selection is wide and offers a variety of everyday essentials – from t-shirts, sweaters, and joggers, to beautiful shirts, jackets, dresses, and jumpsuits.

What do you think tentree? Let me know in the comments below!

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