How To Use Flex Menstrual Cup: Review (2024)

flex cup review

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Menstrual cups are getting increasingly popular and for a good reason! They are a sustainable and comfortable way to have your period.

In this article, you will learn all you need to know about Flex Cup – a great menstrual cup for beginners due to the way it is designed.

After reading this, hopefully, you can decide if Flex Cup is a good option for you. Keep reading to find:

  1. Flex menstrual cup: Overview & How to use it 
  2. Best folding method for Flex cup
  3. Flex cup: Issues & Solutions
  4. Flex cup sizes
  5. Flex cup: Pros and cons
  6. FAQ
  7. Summary 

Let’s begin!

flex cup review

Flex menstrual cup: Overview

Flex cup is made of 100% medical-grade silicone, and it is designed for easy removal.

The stem of every menstrual cup brand is created to help you to remove the menstrual cup.

However, the team behind the Flex cup came up with an extremely cool idea – they made the Flex cup with an adjustable stem that, when you pull it down, breaks the vacuum that the cup creates once it is inside.

Then, the removal process becomes effortless, which makes the Flex cup the easiest menstrual cup to remove on the market.

How to insert Flex menstrual cup

Flex Cup differentiates mainly because of its pull tab that is adjustable in length. You can remove it similarly to a tampon.

Additionally, I noticed that the Flex cup seems to be a bit firmer and thicker than other softer menstrual cups.

That’s why inserting a Flex cup can take a bit of practice until you get it. However, it isn’t much different than inserting any other menstrual cup:

  1. Wash your hands and take a few deep breaths so your vaginal muscles are also relaxed. 
  2. Add a bit of water or water-based lube to the cup’s rim for easier inserting. 
  3. Choose a folding technique (more about that below or here), and hold the rim facing up. 
  4. Proceed with inserting the cup – imagine you insert a tampon without an applicator.
  5. Once the cup is in, ensure it is fully open, creating an airtight seal to prevent leaks.

If you want to know how far up you can insert the cup or to test if your cup is opened fully, follow this guide. If the cup isn’t fully opened, it will leak, or it may feel uncomfortable. 

how to use flex cup

How to remove Flex menstrual cup

As with many new products, removing any menstrual cup will require practice until you master the technique. Follow the steps for easy removal:

  1. With clean hands, gently insert your fingers to grab the cup’s stem.
  2. Then, break the seal by pulling down the stem of the cup. Because of the way the Flex cup is designed, this will be an incredibly smooth step.
  3. Pour the blood down the toilet or the sink, and wash the cup with water and natural, fragrance-free soap.

For more tips, follow my detailed guide on removing a menstrual cup WITHOUT making a mess!

Flex cup sizes

Flex cup has two sizes:

  • Size 01 (Small) – It has the capacity of 2 super tampons (22ml). For first-time menstrual cup users and pros with light or heavy flows.
  • Size 02 (Large) – It has the capacity of 3 super tampons (30ml) For experienced menstrual cup users who prefer a larger size and those who’ve had 2+ vaginal births.

I have the Size 01. I measured the Flex cup with my other menstrual cup (All Matters – Small), and even though the Flex cup seemed a bit larger, the size of both cups is pretty much the same:

flex cup size

My experience with Flex cup

Since I have been using a menstrual cup for nearly three years, getting used to the Flex cup was intuitive and easy.

It is different from my other cup, and I could see how much easier it is to remove the Flex cup.

There was a getting-used-to-it period and a little learning curve; however, I can see why it is recommended and used by many beginners. 

Before trying my first menstrual cup ever, the scariest part was the removal of the menstrual cup.

I thought it would be a challenging, painful process, but when I tried it for the first time, I saw that it was much easier than I thought.

A couple of things I noticed about the Flex cup are:

  • It feels thicker than my first menstrual cup, so inserting requires more effort.
  • Taking out the cup is a straightforward process, but because it breaks the seal by pulling it down, it is much easier to spill if the cup is full to the top.

The pull tab stem is what sets the Flex cup apart from other menstrual cups.

While there were a couple of things I needed to get used to, I recommend the cup if you are a beginner who is mainly worried about removing the menstrual cup.

flex cup review

Best folding method for Flex cup

There are many different folding techniques, but for Flex cup, some of the best and most common ones include:

  • The C Fold
  • The 7 Fold 
  • The Punchdown Fold

Test various folding techniques to find the most comfortable for you! There isn’t a right or wrong folding technique as long as it works well for you.

If you are a beginner, you may find the Punchdown Fold or The C fold is the easiest way to insert it, but no matter which one you choose, it may take a bit of time to master.

I prefer the C Fold method – even though I tried other ways, the C Fold is still the easiest and most user-friendly for me.

Here you can find step-by-step guides on 8 folding methods. I recommend C-fold or Punch down fold for the Flex cup since it is firmer than other cups so some other folding methods won’t work – you will struggle to keep the shape.

Flex cup review,how to use flex cup

Flex cup: Issues & Solutions

Flex cup might end up leaking, and the most common reasons for that can be:

  • Wrong size – This can be extremely frustrating because the only solution is often to get a new one. Luckily, if the Flex cup doesn’t fit right, you can reach out to them, so they can help you find the perfect fit.
  • The cup hasn’t fully opened – If you find your cup leaking, it is essential to check if the Flex cup has fully popped open once inserted. You can do that by gently sliding your finger around the base of the cup. If you feel any dimpling or folding, you may need to remove your cup and reinsert it.
  • Overflowing – If you have a very, very heavy period, the Flex cup may leak if it’s overflowing. If necessary, empty it every 3-4 hours or more frequently.
  • Making a mess – The pull-down stem makes the removal super easy. However, I noticed this makes it easy to spill and make a mess. To avoid that, try to remove the cup while sitting on the toilet, so even if you spill, it won’t be such a big deal.
  • It feels uncomfortable – Flex cup should feel super comfortable, and you shouldn’t feel it. If you do, then there is an issue that you must figure out. You can find reasons & solutions for why you might feel your menstrual cup here.
how to use flex cup

Flex cup: Pros and cons


  • Super easy to take out because of their pull tab stem – Pull gently, and break the vacuum. Then, pull out completely.
  • It is black, which will prevent discoloration – My two-year-old menstrual cup from All Matters is white and full of stains, which doesn’t mean the cup is unusable, but it just doesn’t look that good.
  • You can hold it up to 12 hours – This depends on your flow, but if it’s from regular to medium, you will be able to keep it overnight with no leaking issues.
  • Easy to clean – After & before each period, boil the cup for 3-4 minutes. Every time you empty it, wash it with cool water and a bit of fragrance-free soap.


  • Harder to insert/hold – It is a bit more firm than other menstrual cups.
  • Longer learning curve – I got used to using the All Matters cup (Organicup) quicker.
  • Can make a mess – When you pull it out, it can spill more easily, creating a bit of a murder-like scene. I found it’s best to remove it under the toilet, so if it drips, all you need to do is flush down the water.
  • Because of the pull-tap feature, it takes a little bit longer to clean.


Is the Flex cup worth it? 

Flex cup is 100% worth it. It is a sustainable way to have a carefree, comfy period.

It is indeed better for you and the environment, and when friends ask me if they should get one, I always say YES. 

Getting a menstrual cup was one of the best things I got for myself, and I believe it can benefit you, too.

If you are curious, you can learn more about Flex cup here.

flex cup review

Is Flex cup good for beginners? 

Flex cup is perfect for beginners. While you will probably need a couple of months to get fully used to it, it is a fantastic choice for your first menstrual cup.

How long can a Flex cup stay in? 

You can keep the Flex cup for 12 hours. However, if your period is very heavy, you must check it every 4-5 hours and see if you have to empty it.

Which one is better for – Flex cup, Saalt Soft cup vs. Diva cup?

I saw many people comparing those three menstrual cups. So, to find which is better for you, here’s what you should know about each cup:

  • Saalt Soft cup: Saalt cup is excellent for first-time users; It is ultra-soft (thus the name), designed to be very gentle and comfortable for people who have had discomfort with firmer cups.
  • Diva cup: The Diva Cup is “V”-shaped with a soft rim. The extra length makes it possible for those with a high cervix to reach it more easily.
  • Flex cup: If removing the menstrual cup is your highest worry, I recommend getting a Flex cup. Additionally, if you have a high cervix, you may struggle to reach your cup when you want to remove it. The flex cup has a pull tab, making reaching and pulling out easier.

For more information and options, you can read my blog with 6 more menstrual cups ideal for beginners.

flex cup review

Flex disc vs. Flex cup: What’s the difference?

The Flex cup is a menstrual cup that’s inserted during menstruation.  

Flex disc is also inserted during menstruation; however, because of its unique design, the Flex disc can also be worn during penetrative sexual intercourse.

It also has a high capacity, holding as much as 6+ super tampons (710ml).

You can do the Flex quiz to find which is best for you.


So there you have it – my Flex cup review and tips on how to use it.

Do your research, and decide if it is a switch you want to make, but I believe you will be super happy and have more pleasant period. 

If I’ve missed something or you have any other questions, please let me know in the comments below, and I will answer!

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