41 Best Consumable Gifts For Every Budget

Best Consumable Gifts

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Are you looking for the best consumable gifts?

In this article, you can find a list of 41 awesome ideas. That type of clutter-free gifts are fantastic for:

  • Minimalists and people who want non-material gifts
  • People who are interested in simple living & zero waste  
  • People that you don’t know that well
  • Last moment gifts 

Below, you can find three categories that will help you to find the best consumable gifts for you:

  • DIY & very affordable consumable gifts – free or $10 – $20
  • Consumable gifts from $10 – $30
  • Luxury consumable gifts from $30 – $100+

First off, what is a consumable gift?

Consumable gifts are gifts that can be eaten and used up. They are different from experience gifts (when you give an experience or adventure rather than a material item). 

Consumable gifts can be cosmetics, food, drinks, candles, etc. You can either buy the consumables or make them by yourself, which means they can be very affordable.

They are great for any occasion – birthdays, Christmas, or any other holiday.

best consumable gifts

41 of the BEST consumable gifts for any budget:

DIY & very affordable consumable gifts – Free or $10 – $20:

1. Soup mix

Making a soup mix is an affordable, delicious, and thoughtful consumable gift. You’ll need dry legumes, dry spices, a jar, and a small printable tag, with instructions. A good example is this Lentil & Split Pea Soup Mix by Sweet Simple Vegan:

Budget-Friendly DIY Christmas Gifts (Vegan)

2. Spice mix 

Spice blends can be quite expensive. However, it is way cheaper to DIY them at home. Check these spice blends by Goodful, and if you don’t have the time, you can purchase already made ones, such as this affordable Gift Kit, or this Gourmet Spice Kit.

4 DIY Spice Blends

3. Loose tea leaf mix 

You can create fantastic tea leaf mixtures and give them to tea lovers. Goodful has a short video with 3 incredible blends:

Seasonal Tea Blends 3 Ways

4. Vegan brownie mix

Who doesn’t like brownies? You can surprise someone with a delicious brownie mix. You need to add a layer of the (dry) ingredients in a jar, add a label with a few instructions, and decorate it. I can recommend this easy vegan brownie mix in a jar by Vegan Richa, or this youtube tutorial for brownie mix by Samantha Sambile:

3 Edible Holiday Gifts in a Jar ✨Vegan Friendly! ☃️❄️

5. Vegan cookie mix 

Do you know someone who prefers cookies? Then follow my simple chocolate chip cookie mix recipe for protein-packed & vegan cookies. After a couple of trials and errors, I found the perfect recipe:

6. Hot chocolate mix 

Make this effortless yet delicious hot chocolate mix by Sweet Simple Vegan for hot chocolate lovers:

Vegan Chai Spiced Hot Cocoa Mix - DIY Holiday Gift In A Jar | VLOGMAS Day 5

7. Homemade granola

You can make an easy and delicious DIY granola, put it in a nicely decorated jar, and gift it. You can substitute some of the ingredients or find different variations and recipes on Youtube. 


8. Homemade fudge 

Ultimately, you can make this super yummy homemade fudge and surprise someone with it. 

9. Sugar or coffee scrub

Making a sugar or coffee scrub is a simple DIY consumable gift. You can follow my step-by-step guide for a coffee scrub or this DIY sugar scrub by Recipes by Carina. 

DIY Sugar Scrub ♡

10. Lotion bar

An excellent consumable gift idea for people who fancy natural body lotions. You can follow my guide and make this beautiful 5-Ingredient Non-Greasy Vanilla Lotion Bar or purchase an already made one from Ethique or Lush. 

11. Face mask 

You can DIY a face mask consumable gifts with charcoal, coconut oil & baking soda. It is long-lasting since it doesn’t contain any water or other liquids.

12. Dry shampoo 

A perfect last-moment DIY consumable gift idea since you need two minutes (and 2-3 ingredients) to make it. I made it for myself, and I’m incredibly satisfied with it. Follow my guide here, or check my video:

3 DIY Dry Shampoos For Any Hair Color (Powder & Spray)

13. Hairspray 

Homemade chemical-free hairspray is a great consumable gift. You will need white sugar, high-proof alcohol, essential oil, and a spray bottle. To make it, follow the video tutorial by Our Oily House.

DIY Hair Spray Recipe | Hair Spray with Essential Oils

14. Natural deodorant 

Another excellent consumable gift that you can DIY – it is easy to make and works wonderfully. I have 4 DIY deodorant recipes –  read my guide here, or watch my Youtube video. Alternatively, you can purchase one of these zero waste deodorants.

4 DIY Deodorant Recipes (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

15. Lip Balm

Cool, affordable consumable gift idea. Find how to make it here:


16. DIY essential oil blend perfume 

Follow this DIY guide or get this natural roll-on one

17. Homemade air freshener 

Making a DIY air freshener and giving it as a consumable gift to someone trying to avoid chemical products. 

18. Coffee gift voucher 

You can either buy it from a local coffee place or DIY one, like this one that my friend did:

best consumable gifts
Basically, every time you “use” the coffee gift voucher, the person who gave it to you, needs to pay for the coffee.

Consumable gifts from $10 – $30:

19. Shampoo bar

There are many options when it comes to shampoo bars. Depending on the hair type, you can find shampoo bars for:

20. Conditioner bar

Similar to the shampoo bars, you can find fantastic conditioners for different types of hair. Great places to look at are Earth Hero, Zero Waste Store ($10 OFF coupon code), Package Free Shop ($10 OFF coupon code).

21. Luxury bar of soap 

A set of low waste & vegan soap bars, scented with essential oils, sounds like a simple but beautiful consumable gift idea. Another option is this set of clinically tested, moisturizing & exfoliating soap bars. 

30 Best Consumable Gifts For Every Budget - Almost Zero Waste

22. Makeup 

If you know someone who is into makeup, consider gifting them: 

  • Eye makeup 
  • Face makeup 
  • Eyeliner 
  • Lipstick, etc

You can look at the comprehensive collection of different eco-friendly makeup products at Earth Hero (US), Plastic Freedom (UK), BioMe (Australia).

30 Best Consumable Gifts For Every Budget - Almost Zero Waste

23. Body/face oil 

Another simple but very cool consumable gift is a skincare product, like body or face oil. Check out Earth Hero’s selection, or find another zero waste store that’s closer to you.

24. Toothpaste tabs 

For people that are into sustainability, you can get plastic-free toothpaste tablets, like:

For a more affordable option, you can make a DIY toothpowder and gift that instead. 

DIY Tooth Powder Recipe

25. Bath bomb

Awesome consumable gift for bath lovers. There are many cool ones, with funky colors, and lots of cool ingredients for optimal relaxation. A few great options for bath bombs are this set from Life Around 2 AngelsFizzy Bath BombBeauty Kubes Bath Bomb (Coupon code). 

30 Best Consumable Gifts For Every Budget - Almost Zero Waste
Image from Earth Hero

26. (Unusual) Wine, beer or liquor 

This consumable gift is more common. However, it can still be a nice one, especially if you know someone who appreciates an unusual and good bottle of liquor, wine, craft beer, or Kombucha.

27. Candles 

For candle lovers, you can get handmade vegan and non-toxic soy wax with scents of eucalyptus, redwood, and palo santo. These handmade gift-able soy candles are paraben-free, plastic-free, and never tested on animals. 

30 Best Consumable Gifts For Every Budget - Almost Zero Waste
Image from Earth Hero

28. Charcoal filter

Charcoal filters are reusable water purifiers that naturally remove impurities and improve the taste of tap water. It is a fantastic eco-friendly consumable gift. ($10 OFF coupon

29. Plants

Plants are not precisely a “consumable” gift. However, they can be a perfect surprise for all plant lovers.

30. Gourmet (or just cool) foods

If you have a foodie friend, then tasty, fancy food items will be highly appreciated. Some cool ideas include:

31. Organic veg/fruit box subscription 

You can surprise someone with a veggie or fruit box subscription. There are various companies who are fighting with food waste, and selling great affordable vegetable & fruit boxes. Some of them are:

32. Coffee 

Every coffee lover will appreciate high-quality, fair trade organic coffee. You can check this smooth Columbian Percol (ground coffee, plastic-free), OneCUP Organic Rainforest Blend (compostable), Bourbon Infused Coffee, or look locally.

best consumable gifts

33. Mushroom coffee 

For the ones who are trying to avoid coffee, gifting this Mushroom coffee substitute can be a real treat.

34. Audiobooks (Audible) 

A clutter-free way to enjoy books! Check the Audible Gift Memberships (1 month = $15; 3 months = $45).

35. Movie or theater gift cards 

This is in between an experience gift and a consumable one. Nevertheless, it can be a fantastic gift for anyone and any occasion. 

36. A gift card from a cool place

 A gift card from the store that they always shop for, so they get exactly what they need. It is an excellent consumable gift idea for people that you don’t know too well. 

37. A replacement of something worn out 

It can be a pair of favorite sneakers or jeans.

Best Consumable Gifts For Every Budget - Almost Zero Waste

Luxury consumable gifts from $30 – $100+:

38. Cookware Set

A fancy cookware set can be a dream gift for a home cook.

39. Indoor Smart Garden

A bit of an unusual “consumable gift”, but an awesome one! You can consider getting Click and Grow, for your friends/family who would love to grow their food. 

Click and Grow is a self-watering indoor garden to grow fresh herbs or vegetables. The kit includes the planter base, which features a built-in water reservoir, an LED lamp arm to provide strong light, and starter pods so that you can get growing right away.

They have plant pods with various herbs, veggies, fruits, and flowers. You can use the code –  ALMOSTZEROWASTE10 for 10% off!

best consumable gifts
Basil – just after ~2 weeks! 🙂

40. Edible Flowers Kit

A beautiful and cute consumable gift idea. You can consider getting:

41. Mushroom Growing Kit

Gift someone growing log kits to grow sweet (or meaty) oyster (or shiitake) organic mushrooms! The kit will be ready to attempt fruiting in 7-12 months, depending on the log’s age. Depending on the log’s age, the kit will be ready to attempt fruiting in about 7-12 months. 

30 Best Consumable Gifts For Every Budget - Almost Zero Waste
Picture by Uncommongoods.com

Do you want more gift ideas?

I have a separate list, that includes 30+ non-materialistic & experience gift ideas, that you might like, too! They are divided into a few categories, and you can find experience gifts from $15 to $100. 🙂

You can also check this list, with 58 sustainable & zero waste gifts that help the environment.  

Sum up

There you have it – 41 of the best consumable gift for your friends, family, & for all budgets, and any occasion & holiday.

Did I miss a cool consumable gift that you would love to see on the list?

Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

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