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Are Shampoo Bars Good For Your Hair? (Pros & Cons)

Are shampoo bars good for your hair? - Almost Zero Waste

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What is all the fuss around shampoo bars? Are they any good for your hair anyway?

In short – yes. Shampoo bars are good for your hair because they are chemical-free, cleaning your hair without stripping its healthy natural oils. In addition, shampoo bars are long-lasting, affordable, plastic-free, and a gentle alternative to many of the harsh bottle shampoos on the market.

While shampoo bars are fantastic for your hair, you should know a couple of things before making the switch. 

In this article, we will look a bit deeper into:

  1. Shampoo bar pros
  2. Shampoo bar cons
  3. FAQ:
    – How long does it take for hair to adjust to the shampoo bar?
    – Which shampoo bar brands are the best?
    – Can shampoo bars damaged hair? 
    – Can shampoo bars cause hair loss?
    – Are shampoo bars good for curly hair?
    – Is SLS bad for your hair?
    – How often should you wash your hair with a shampoo bar? 

Now, let’s begin.

Are shampoo bars good for your hair

Shampoo bar pros

Shampoo bars are made with natural ingredients

Shampoo bars are typically healthier for your hair than detergent-based liquid shampoos because they’re made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicone, and synthetic fragrances.

This means less damage and stripping of your hair and natural oils, which can happen with chemical-based products.

They may result in healthier hair

Since shampoo bars are made with natural ingredients, your hair will likely get stronger with a better texture.

If your hair has been getting too oily or dry with regular shampoos, it might be because the ingredients are too harsh and stripping your hair.

Are shampoo bars good for your hair? - Almost Zero Waste

Cost-effective and long-lasting

While sometimes the price can seem relatively high, shampoo bars are highly concentrated. That means most will last between 70 and 90 washes, equivalent to 2-3 bottles of liquid shampoo. 

Ideal for traveling and multipurpose

They take up very little space, so they are ideal for traveling, camping, etc. While I wouldn’t say I like using my shampoo bar for other things, if I’m traveling and don’t want to carry many things, I usually use it as a body & face wash. Because of the gentle ingredients, it is suitable for the whole body. 


There is a wide range of fully vegan, cruelty-free shampoo bars with organic ingredients and plastic-free packaging. 

Are shampoo bars good for your hair

Shampoo bar cons

They don’t work that well if the water is hard 

One of the most significant issues I have heard from readers is that shampoo bars may not perform as well in hard water. When the water is ‘hard,’ it means a higher level of minerals (usually calcium and magnesium) build up in the hair. It can also make your hair feel gunky and look dull. 

Here are some great products for hard water & hair that’s curly, and here are easy ways to remove hard water from your hair and avoid damage.

They still can contain irritants

While shampoo bars are a more eco-friendly option, they can still contain foamers, preservatives, fragrances, and artificial colors, which may irritate your skin. So just be aware of that.

Shorter expiration date

The more natural shampoo options usually have a shorter shelf life. It is best to use the shampoo bar within 6-12 months. I never had an issue with the expiration date since I use my shampoo bars about twice a week, so they last me around 2 months. 

Waxy feeling

Not all, but some shampoo bars can leave an odd, waxy residue. This residue is a byproduct of saponified oils, which a lot of shampoo bars contain. It can happen if the water is hard or because your scalp is still balancing out its natural oil production. 

The shampoo bars can become mushy

This can be annoying, and in that way, you will use the bar much faster. To avoid that, you should always store your shampoo bar dry, away from direct water. It’s best to keep them on a well-draining surface that allows lots of airflow around it.

Are shampoo bars good for your hair


How long does it take for hair to adjust to the shampoo bar?

Sometimes, your hair will go through a ‘transition period,’ which is when you switch from the chemicals in traditional shampoos to a natural shampoo bar. 

For example, your hair or scalp may become oily, dry, frizzy, or tangled. This transitional period can last 1-2 weeks, up to 4-5 weeks. 

Try vinegar rinse after shampooing your hair to speed up the transition process, balance scalp pH, and remove build-up.

Which shampoo bar brands are the best?

This depends mainly on the type of hair and what you are looking to achieve with a shampoo bar – to enhance your natural curls, find something for a sensitive scalp, get rid of dandruff, increase the time between washes, etc. While there isn’t a single ‘best’ one, you can find 21 great shampoo bars which are natural & eco-friendly.

Are shampoo bars good for your hair

Can shampoo bars damage hair? 

Shampoo bars are typically better for your hair since they contain NO parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicone, and synthetic fragrances. This often results in healthier hair, less damage, and stripping. The most important thing is to find a shampoo bar that is suitable for your hair.

Can shampoo bars cause hair loss?

Shampoo bars are a more natural option for hair washing, but they can sometimes cause unwanted effects, such as hair loss. It can be due to your hair’s transition period to adjust to the new shampoo. If your hair falls a lot, switch to e new one, and avoid shampoos with foamers, thickeners, preserves, and artificial scents.

Are shampoo bars good for curly hair?

Yes, shampoo bars work on curly locks, too. Various bars will hydrate your curls without weighing them down. Lather the bar at your scalp rather than the ends to ensure that your curls stay intact.

The two shampoo bars I can recommend for curly hair are: 

  • Professor Curl by Ethique – Their solid shampoo is pH balanced and gently cleanses without drying curls. It is without sulfates, silicones, waxes, or drying alcohols and contains a hydrating blend of ingredients; shea butter, betaine (from beets), and cocoa butter.
  • Avocado by Lush – A hydrating and nourishing blend of cupuaçu butter, cocoa butter, and extra virgin olive oil, specially created to define curls, tame frizz, and leave locks gleaming. The formula is 100% vegan and SLS-free.
Are shampoo bars good for your hair

Is SLS harmful to your hair?

Sulfates (SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate) are detergents responsible for the lather you get out of most shampoos. While they are generally safe to use for untreated hair, they are also: 

  • Often derived from petrol or palm oil
  • It is a skin irritant, and it can be harsh on your body and scalp
  • It can cause an itchy scalp and dandruff 
  • It can strip natural oils from the scalp and hair
  • It can make hair dry and brittle
  • It can cause hair loss

The lather is not necessary to wash your hair, even though it feels essential. Sulfate-free shampoos make little to no later, but they can still clean your scalp perfectly fine. 

Sulfates aren’t harmful to everyone, but if you are sensitive to sulfates or if your hair is dry, fine, or damaged, it may be best to avoid them altogether. 

For sulfate-free shampoo bar options, check – J.R.LIGGETT’SThe Yellow BirdAspen KayAcureJack59Beauty Kubes.

How often should you wash your hair with a shampoo bar? 

Washing your hair too often can strip it, make it brittle, more oily, and prone to breakage, no matter if it’s with a shampoo bar or any other liquid shampoo. 

Try to wash your hair once or twice per week; if that’s not possible, wash it every second day. You can try to extend the in-between time washes by using easy-to-make & super cheap homemade dry shampoo if your hair gets oily very fast. 

Are shampoo bars good for your hair


Finding the shampoo bar for YOUR hair can be a hassle, and you may get a product that doesn’t work well with your hair.

My advice is to avoid getting discouraged and keep looking for a shampoo bar that works well with your hair. 

If you have any questions or want to add something to the topic, feel free to leave a comment below! 

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  1. Thank you for the information. I’ve been trying to use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner for years. Since I have wavy too curly hair I have been using Deva Curl no poo and lo poo. I like the no poo. To give my self a break I started using Pacifica Spirit shampoo bar. I love the fact that I can just wet my hair 2-3 days after washing and my hair still feels clean. I use very little styling products in my hair. It feels great.

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