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15 Zero Waste Vitamins & Plastic-Free Supplements (2024)

Zero Waste Vitamins And Supplements - Almost Zero Waste

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Are you looking for plastic-free & zero waste vitamins and supplements?

In this article, I will share with you 15 (almost) zero waste vitamins from sustainable companies.

All of the eco-friendly vitamins are vegan and come in glass bottles or compostable packaging.

These vitamins will help you to hit all of your nutritional needs, effortlessly.

Additionally, some of them are an excellent aid for exhaustion, sleep, immune support, energy boost, etc. 

Without further ado, let’s begin with the list.

DISCLAIMER: Almost Zero Waste is not a health platform, and this blog post is solely informative. It is recommendable to consult your doctor, before trying any of these supplements. 

Sustainable Supplements & Zero Waste Vitamins From Form:

1. Form Multivitamin

Shipping: the UK | the US | Europe
Packaging: glass bottle, plastic cap
Key features:

  • A-Z vitamin and mineral coverage
  • Superior absorption
  • Promotes a healthy gut & immune support
  • Recycling program for their jars
  • Form is B Certified Corporation

FORM nutrition is a company focusing on (almost) zero waste & eco-friendly vitamins.

Their Vegan Multivitamin will ensure you have no nutritional gaps. It is packed with essential nutrients like Omega-3, Choline, Vitamin D3, Iron, B12, and many more!

The Multivitamin from Form is special because it ensures maximum absorption of nutrients, due to the black pepper extract and AstraGin® (plant-derived compound).

The two ingredients are proven to increase bioavailability and improve the absorption of vitamins while promoting a healthy gut.

2. Form Boost

Shipping: the UK |  the US | Europe
Packaging: glass bottle, plastic cap
Key features:

  • Improves performance and cognitive functions
  • Packed with choline, and B vitamins (B6 and B12)
  • Promotes attention and alertness 
  • Recycling program for their jars

If you feel a little tired, and you want a bit of extra energy – Form Boost can help you with that.

Boost contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, and it helps you improve your attention while giving you a comforting energy boost.

The supplement has L-Theanine, which will provide a calming effect, and Caffeine, which will give you the perfect amount of energy.

3. Form Edge

Shipping: the UK | the US | Europe
Packaging: glass bottle, plastic cap
Key features:

  • active ingredients that improve attention, focus, and clarity
  • protect against cognitive decline 
  • contains Gingko Biloba which is used for optimal brain health 

If you are looking for a cognitive enhancer – then Form Edge might be ideal for you.

It contains everything you need to ensure your brain is functioning at its best, every day.

Edge is packed with high-strength herbal extracts and B Vitamins., and it contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

It is also beneficial for memory, and it promotes anxiety reduction. 

4. Form ZZZZs

Shipping: the UK | the US | Europe
Key features:

  • Naturally supports a regenerative sleep
  • Calming effect
  • Increased absorption

Form ZZZZs is a sleep supplement that helps to address any deficiencies that may be affecting your sleep. It promotes relaxation and reduces the time it takes for falling asleep.

It has 5-HTP, which indirectly promotes the production of melatonin (sleep hormone), and can increase sleep duration.

ZZZZs is also packed with magnesium, and zinc, which is essential for deep, and better sleep.

Take one capsule about 30 minutes before bed to enjoy a restful, and deep sleep.

Zero Waste Vitamins & Supplements From Vegums: 

Use the ZERO10 code, for 10% OFF your first subscription payments.

5. Vegums Multivitamin 

Shipping: Worldwide shipping
Packaging: Compostable & plastic-free
Key features: 

  • Suitable for children from 3-12 years
  • Refills in biodegradable cornstarch bags
  • Sugar-free option available

Vegums is is a UK-based company, selling various plastic-free vitamins. The packaging is very close to zero waste – they use compostable cellulose wrappers, recyclable metal tins, cardboard tubes, and envelopes.

Vegums Multivitamin is formulated by vegan pharmacists specifically for the plant-based diet.

They currently have two vegan multivitamins:

Their original Vegums Multivitamin is naturally sweetened with real strawberries and a pinch of unrefined cane sugar. The red color is given from a black carrot extract.

If you would like a sugar-free version, you can take their Vegums A-Z Sugar-Free version.

6. Vegums Fish-Free Omega 3

Packaging: Compostable & plastic-free
Shipping: Worldwide shipping
Key features:

  • Sustainably sourced
  • Free of heavy metal contaminants 
  • An immune boost due to vitamin E
  • Children friendly

Omega 3 is extremely important for maintaining healthy eyes, skin, heart, and brain. It is especially important during childhood development.

The Omega 3 is extracted straight from the source, from sustainably sourced marine algae. It is carefully purified and free from heavy metal contaminants.

Their gummies are made only with natural colors and flavors. Vegums use the natural sweetness of real oranges and a pinch of unrefined beet sugar.

Two Vegum Omega 3 gummies provide 80mg of DHA and 8mg of vitamin E.

7. Vegums Iron

Packaging: Compostable & plastic-free
Shipping: Worldwide shipping
Key features:

  • Prevents tiredness
  • Suitable for kids
  • Naturally flavored with blackberry

Iron is an essential nutrient that helps to prevent tiredness and a lack of energy.

These vegan-friendly iron gummies are suitable for both kids and adults.

Two gummies contain your daily dose of iron (14mg), and are naturally flavored and sweetened with blackberry extract.

Plastic-Free & Zero Waste Supplements From Vivo Life: 

8. Vivo Life Vegan B12

Shipping: the US | the UKEurope | Germany 
Packaging: glass jar with a dropper
Key features:

  • Contributes to healthy energy levels 
  • Reduces tiredness & fatigue
  • Supports a healthy nervous system and immune system
  • Contributes to healthy brain function
  • Plastic-free shipping
Zero Waste Vitamins

Vivo Life is a UK-based company, offering a wide range of plant-based supplements. They are certified as carbon-neutral and plant one tree for each order.

Their B12 formula contains 500mcg per serving, which is exactly how much is recommended by leading nutritionists (250-500mcg daily).

The B12 is in a liquid form, for fast absorption, and it has a delicious orange flavor.

9. Vivo Life Vegan D3 

Shipping: the USthe UKEurope | Germany 
Packaging: glass jar with a dropper
Key features:

  • Vegan vitamin D3 derived from algae
  • Vitamin K2 to aid D3 absorption
  • Vitamin K2 improves blood flow 
Zero Waste Vitamins

Vitamins D3 (the sun vitamin) and K2 are essential for healthy bones and teeth. Interestingly, without D3 and K2, calcium has a harder time being absorbed into the bone.

Additionally, Vitamin D3 promotes heart health, lowers blood pressure, improves mood, reduces the risk of depression, and supports a healthy immune system.

You will get 50mcg of D3 and 25mcg of K2 per serving.

Other Plastic-Free Vitamins & Eco-Friendly Supplements:

10. Ethical Nutrition

Shipping: the UK | Europe
Packaging: Plastic-free & fully recyclable
Key features:

  • Family-owned
  • Cruelty-free & vegan
  • Additive-free & palm oil-free
Zero Waste Vitamins

The Ethical Nutrition sells a range of plastic-free vitamins, that are 100% pure formulations, expertly designed by nutritionists to optimize your health and well-being.

I’ve tried their Multivitamin and Organic Ashwagandha, and I was extremely pleased with both supplements. I noticed a difference in my stress & anxiety levels, by taking Ashwagandha daily.

Ethical Nutrition also has:

  • Organic Tumeric & curcumin
  • Magnesium taurate
  • Vitamin D

11. Mccala Supplements

Shipping: Worldwide
Packaging: glass jar with aluminum lid
Key features:

  • Chemical-free & no artificial stimulants
  • Cruelty-free & vegan
Zero Waste Vitamins

Mccala is another UK-based company, that is selling 100% plant-based supplements. They offer a couple of very unique, and different daily supplements, like:

12. Bloom Omega 

Packaging: glass jar & plastic-free shipping
Shipping: UK | International
Key features:

  • Pure & sustainable form of omega 3, derived from algae
  • Each soft gel contains 250mg of DHA and EPA at an optimal 2:1 ratio
  • Money-back guarantee
Zero Waste Vitamins

13. Nothing Fishy

Packaging: glass jar & plastic-free shipping
Shipping: the UK | International 
Key features:

  • Omega 3 soft gels that are free from toxic metals, and 100% vegan
  • Each soft gels provide 200mg DHA
  • Money-back guarantee

Zero Waste Vitamins

14. Wild Nutrition 

Packaging: glass jars
Shipping: Worldwide
Key features:

  • High-grade ingredients
  • A wide range of various vitamins & supplements
  • A vegan category 
Zero Waste Vitamins

15. Viridian Nutrition 

Packaging: Glass jars
Shipping: Worldwide
Key features:

  • Plastic-free shipping & minimum packaging (cardboard, paper, compostable cornstarch)
  • 200+ vitamins, minerals, oils, supplements, etc.
  • A range of various vegan & sustainably sourced vitamins
Zero Waste Vitamins


So there you have it – 15 zero waste vitamins & supplement options. 

As these companies aren’t perfect, they are a few steps further from all the conventional vitamins and supplements we can find in most stores. 

It is essential to mention that you shouldn’t feel guilty if you need to buy something for your health, even if it’s in plastic packaging.  

You should always be looking first for your health.

Have you tried any of these vegan & sustainable vitamins? 

Also, if I missed a cool zero waste vitamin option, please feel free to write it in the comment section below! 


  1. Hi Merilin,

    Thanks so much for creating such a fantastic blog post! I’d be delighted for you to take a look at our supplements and you can read more about our supplements here:


    We have to pay a lot more and significantly restrict our business in order to use zero-plastic pouches. Most home-compostable pouches are made from bioplastics and after a year of research we couldn’t find one we were truly happy with. I do totally agree with your sentiments about prioritising health and we think every company in your list is fantastic. However if you’re looking for amazing ingredients with the next step in zero-waste food supplement packaging then check us out 🙂

    Take care

  2. Love this article, I have bought some of the above products too.

    One important supplement you left out though was Turmeric. Extremely popular these days for a number of health benefits. We’ve been using a Vegan Turmeric tablet from Clior, which comes in BioDegradable bottles and lasts all year – so fits our almost-zero-waste ambitions nicely to reduce plastics! We swear by these:

    Hope useful for people looking to reduce their plastic purchases.


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