16 Sustainable Boho Clothing Brands (Affordable, Ethical & Hippie)

ethical boho fashion brands

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Boho is a hippie-inspired fashion style characterized by effortless, relaxed, bold, and breezy clothing, combining long floaty skirts or dresses, loose blouses, boots, and floral prints.

It typically involves an eclectic mix of natural elements, bright colors, patterns, and textures. 

There are many beautiful boho clothing brands, but most are fast fashion, which is unethical, exploitative, and polluting.

Luckily, many bohemian-style brands focus on sustainable practices, ethical labor, and organic or recycled materials.

In this article, you can find 16 affordable & sustainable boho clothing brands. Let’s begin with the list!

Sustainable & Ethical Boho Clothing Brands:

1. Soul Flower

Based in: the US
Shipping: International
Product range: Tops, bottoms, dresses & skirts
Certifications: Fair Trade Certified, Green America, GOTS & Carbon neutral
Price range: $20 – $62

Soul Flower first started in small “hippie” boutiques and festivals. Now, Soul Flower is an eco-friendly clothing brand making fantastic ethical pieces with organic and recycled fabrics. 

sustainable boho clothing brands

They have one-of-a-kind pieces that are mindfully crafted with low-impact dyes, and most are made locally in the US.

The items are screen-printed in small batches to ensure every item gets the attention it deserves.

2. Hemp Temple

Based in: Australia
Shipping: International
Product range: Pants, dresses, shirts & skirts
Ethics: Ethical hemp apparel
Price range: $39 – $97

Hemp Temple’s team comprises five creative, philanthropic, poetic, shamanistic, and fiery women. They are working towards minimizing their footprint by reducing their use of natural resources, plastic, dyes, electricity, land, and water.

sustainable boho clothing brands

Hemp Temple’s pieces are made with hemp – a natural material that rejuvenates soil and can be farmed and used in abundance.

The hemp is grown in the Himalayan soils of Bihar, India; then, the fabrics are dyed and sewn in Pushkar, India.

The garments are then packaged in hemp and biodegradable post bags.

3. Tamga Designs

Based in: the US
Shipping: International 
Product range: Flowy dresses, skirts, tops, pants, boho jumpsuits, and kimonos
Ethics: Sustainable fabrics and eco-friendly dyes
Certifications: 1% For The Planet
Price range: $49 – $150+  

Tamga garments are sustainably made in Indonesia and Bangladesh.

sustainable boho clothing brands

They use sustainable materials like TENCEL, made from renewable eucalyptus wood, ECOVERO™ – sustainably grown viscose, Flax linen; and Lenzing Modal, made with beechwood. 

Their dyes are low impact, use 70% less water, and are free from harmful chemicals.

In addition, they ship the clothes with 100% post-consumer paper packaging that’s 100% compostable and made from sustainably sourced plants.

4. Made Trade 

Based in: the US
Shipping: International
Product range: Women’s fashion
Ethics: BIPOC Owned, Fair Trade, Handcrafted, Made in the USA, Recycled + Upcycled, Sustainable, Vegan, or Women Owned
Certifications: Climate Neutral certified
Price range: $44 – $150+

Made Trade has many beautiful dreamy pieces and various boho styles, subtle options, and more colorful hippie looks.

sustainable boho clothing brands

Made Trade’s collections include Tencel, modal, organic cotton, and bamboo clothing for every taste and occasion. 

They carefully hand-select every item to ensure it meets their sustainability standards that cover manufacturing processes, labor conditions, materials, fair trade status, third-party verifications, and more.

5. Whimsy and Row

Based in: the US
Shipping: International
Product range: Women’s Fashion
Ethics: Locally made, Low impact materials, Carbon neutral, Plastic-free packaging
Price range: $68 – $150+

Whimsy and Roll creates beautiful pieces using low locally sourced, upcycled, and low-impact fabrics like Certified Organic Cotton, Linen, TENCEL™, Cupro, and Deadstock. 

sustainable boho clothing brands

Those materials need less water and energy to create and biodegrade faster than synthetic fabrics.

While Whimsy and Row is a bit pricier, they have a Sale page with more affordable clothing. The style is more elegant and modern, but there are some bohemian-looking pieces, too.

6. Bees & Bones

Based in: Canada
Shipping: International
Product range: Dresses, jumpsuits, tops, bottoms, lingerie, sets, accessories
Ethics: On-demand, made-to-order, custom sizes
Price range: $60 – $200

Bees & Bones is a beautiful hippie-inspired fashion collection with sustainable, long-lasting materials. 

sustainable boho clothing brands

It is conceptualized, designed, and sewn at a home studio in Cadboro Bay by Brooke Macdonald with help from seamstress Andrea Skleryk and studio assistant Anabel Sargent.

They use materials like linen, cotton, hemp, and silk.

7. Devi Clothing

Based in: Luxemburg
Shipping: Europe
Product range: Women’s Fashion & Jewelry
Ethics: Ethical & Upcycled
Price range: €85 – €200

Devï is a slow fashion brand focusing on women empowerment, up-cycling, ethics, and transparency.  

sustainable boho clothing brands

Each piece is unique and handmade by sari suppliers who run small family-run businesses in Northern India. 

They also have up-cycled dresses from vintage sarees (traditional Indian clothing) that are one of a kind and handmade with love by the Saheli Women.

8. Poppy Field The Label

Based in: France & Bali
Shipping: Worldwide
Product range: Women & men’s fashion. Dresses, jumpsuits, shirts, skirts, pants, knitwear.
Ethics: Fair labor and sustainable production methods & materials
Price range: Sale items from €39 – €200

Poppy Field the label is a bohemian fashion brand passionate about creating sustainable, authentic pieces.

sustainable boho clothing brands

Every material is natural, organic, and carefully selected. 

Poppy’s fabrics are created on an Indonesian island and partner with local Balinese NGO ROLE, which works to prevent land-based waste from polluting the ocean.

They also use eco-friendly mailers which are fully biodegradable and 100% compostable.

9. Rustic Loom

Based in: the US
Shipping: International
Product range: Tops, wrap pants, scarves & dresses
Ethics: Fair wages & Handmade
Price range: $44 – $128

Rustic Loom is a sustainable textile design studio in Brooklyn, NY. 

sustainable boho clothing brands

They work with non-profit organizations and small workshops in Ghana and India to pay fair wages for a sustainable livelihood. 

The designs are first sketched on paper, edited on the computer, and sent to artisans partners in India and Ghana to hand dye, print, weave and sew all the designs. 

10. All The Wild Roses

Based in: Australia
Shipping: Worldwide
Product range: Women’s bohemian fashion & Vintage
Ethics: Upcycled & Carbon neutral
Certifications: Certified B corporation
Price range: $49 – $120

All The Wild Roses is a small independent brand that uses upcycled fabrics. About 20% of its products are made from vintage clothing.

sustainable boho clothing brands

That practice helps extend garments’ life and reduces carbon, water, and fast footprint.

All The Wild Roses is a Certified B Corporation that ensures the brand meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

They offer carbon-neutral, plastic-free delivery worldwide.

11. Oh Seven Days

Based in: Istanbul 
Shipping: Worldwide
Product range: Women’s fashion
Ethics: Deadstock materials 
Price range: $45 – $150

Oh Seven Days is a slow fashion brand that creates its collections in Istanbul in a fully audited factory that ensures ethical manufacturing.

sustainable boho clothing brands

The brand uses deadstock fabrics as another way to help reduce textile waste and prevent materials from going to landfill.

Oh Seven Days use natural fabrics like cotton, cupro, rayon, and semi-natural & recycled fabrics.

12. Oakie The Label

Based in: Australia
Shipping: Worldwide
Product range: Women’s Fashion & Accessories
Ethics: Vegan & ethically made
Price range: $52 – $110

Oakie uses only 100% vegan-friendly materials, including linen, organic cotton, ramie (made of stalk of a Chinese Nettle plant), and hemp.

sustainable boho clothing brands

The fabrics are botanically dyed from resources such as leaves, plants, fruits, vegetables, etc. They pay well for their sewers and provide a healthy working environment with fair hours.

Oakie is designed in Australia, curated and dyed in Bali, and ships with a carbon-neutral postage service.

13. Tree of Life 

Based in: Australia
Shipping: International
Product range: Women’s hippie fashion
Ethics: Ethical & responsible apparel
Price range: $30 – $130

Tree of Life and its boho-inspired brand started over twenty years ago.

sustainable boho clothing brands

Since then, it has taken seriously the responsibility to ensure fair conditions for manufacturing its products.

Their goal is to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2025 for their supply chain. They manufacture in India, Nepal, Thailand & China, and they regularly do audits of the factories.

14. Studio Tia

Based in: Europe
Shipping: International
Product range: Tops, pants, dresses, skirts, jumpsuits & crochet 
Ethics: Conscious & free spirited
Price range: $70 – $160 (from $25 when there is a sale)

Studio Tia is a small, environmentally conscious brand that makes small batches and a limited amount of each collection to ensure no wastage. 

sustainable boho clothing brands

They source their fabrics in India, and the designs are produced in different parts of India. In addition, they use materials that are less harmful to the environment, such as Lyocell & Eco-Vero Viscose.

The pieces are simplistic, timeless, and boho-inspired. In addition, their dyes are eco-friendly and minimize greywater run-off during production.

15. Desert Fox

Based in: France
Shipping: Worldwide
Product range: Dungarees, tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear.
Ethics: Vintage & handmade label
Price range: £20 – £120

Desert Fox offers bohemian second-hand clothing hand-picked from flea markets, charity stores, and local sellers. 

sustainable boho clothing brands

There is also a Desert Fox Collection, handmade by Lucie – the founder of Desert Fox, in her studio in the South of France.

Most fabrics are vintage or dead stock, and many items from our Desert Fox Collection are one-of-a-kind and made with love.

16. Vintage

Shopping for pre-loved, second-hand items is probably one of the best options for shopping for boho-style clothing.

Plus, it is also cheaper and can save items from landfills.

If there aren’t any vintage shops in your area, there are many options online!

sustainable boho clothing brands

Additionally, if you don’t like digging through thrift stores, you can check out some of these fantastic online stores with vintage & bohemian clothing:

Check my article for more vintage online stores.


As you can see, you can easily do boho fashion in a sustainable & ethical way. 

Many fantastic hippie-inspired brands put the planet & people first.

While some brands are pricier, they often have sales where you can purchase sustainable & bohemian clothing at affordable prices.

Did I miss a sustainable bohemian clothing brand you love? Make sure to write it in the comment section below!

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