The Most Sustainable Protein Bars: numove (Review)

The Most Sustainable Protein Bars: Numove (Review) - Almost Zero Waste

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Numove protein bars are (probably) the most sustainable protein bars out there.

They are vegan, made with truly natural & organic ingredients, and 100% plastic-free.

In this article, you will find why numove protein bars are a must-try and what makes them the most natural and sustainable protein bars on the market. 

Keep reading to find more about:

  • numove protein bars: Ingredients
  • numove: Plastic-free packaging
  • My personal experience
  • Pros of numove protein bars
  • Cons of numove protein bars
  • the nu company overview & other products
  • Where to get the numove protein bars & discounts
  • Sum up

Let’s begin! 

Numove protein bars: Ingredients

With simple plant-based ingredients, the nu company created a unique alternative to conventional protein bars.

They offer two flavors – Cookie Dough or Brownie Crunch

Instead of sweeteners and artificial ingredients, numove protein bars are 100% natural and made with precisely 12 plant-based ingredients + vanilla extract: 

  • Pumpkin seed protein, almond butter, yacon syrup, coconut blossom nectar, hemp seeds, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, coconut blossom sugar, cocoa nibs, cocoa, coconut oil, acerola (+tigernut flour in the Cookie dough one)
Sustainable Protein Bars

Protein source

Each bar provides 12g of plant-based protein from pumpkin seeds, which are rich in protein and contain all the essential amino acids. 

Pumpkin seed protein powder is a by-product of pumpkin seed oil production. Therefore, it is obtained in a very resource-saving manner. 

The pumpkin seed protein has a nutty, mild taste, and it is packed with minerals such as zinc and iron.

Coconut blossom sugar

The bars are sweetened with coconut blossom sugar, which doesn’t affect the blood sugar level as noticeably as regular sugar. 

It provides a pleasant and delicious sweet note, helping to enhance the other ingredients.

Coconut blossom sugar has a very low processing level, and it is packed with minerals like zinc, magnesium, and iron.

Sustainable Protein Bars

Other key ingredients

Almond butter: 

The almond butter makes the bars incredibly juicy and creamy. In addition, it enhances the nutty aroma of the bars while providing more fiber, vitamin E, and magnesium.

Hemp seeds: 

Hemp seeds are an incredible superfood, packed with healthy fats, vitamins, essential omega-3 fatty acids, and of course, another fantastic plant-based source of protein.


Acerola is a tropical fruit that contains an incredible amount of vitamin C, which is essential to the normal function of your immune system, plus it increases iron absorption.

Sourcing of the ingredients

For the nu company, it is essential that the production is always under fair conditions. 

While they admit that the supply chain has room for improvement, they are actively working to source their ingredients more sustainably.

Some raw materials such as sunflower protein come from Europe. 

However, other ingredients, like cocoa, hemp, and coconut blossom sugar, are grown in more distant countries: 

  • Cocoa from Peru 
  • Coconut blossom sugar from Thailand & Indonesia 
  • Tigernut flour from Niger 
  • Hemp seeds from China
  • Vanilla from Madagascar 
  • Acerola from Brazil 

Most of them are transported to Germany by ship or land (and not air).

All of their suppliers are certified organic and have regular check-ups by independent and recognized control organizations. 

Sustainable Protein Bars

Numove: Plastic-free packaging

Numove packaging consists of home-compostable cellulose film, a thin starch blend, and paper. 

The cellulose for the film is obtained from the remains of FSC-certified, sustainable forestry.

The inks are water-based, organic, and free of harmful substances.

The best choice for disposing of the packaging is in your compost.

It will decompose after an average of 6 months – the time frame mainly depends on the environmental conditions.

The packaging is certified to be industrially compostable and home-compostable.

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Sustainable Protein Bars

Personal experience

When I first saw the numove protein bars, I thought:

These look nice, but the ingredients seem kind of ordinary…

But oh my – after I tried them, I realized how incredibly tasty they are. 

The protein bars don’t have a “sandy” taste, and there isn’t ANY artificial flavor whatsoever, which I like.

I never felt bloated from them, which usually happens with other kinds of protein bars. 

The chocolate coating is just the perfect way to make these bars even more delicious.

Sustainable Protein Bars

While it is a small bar and feels light when you eat it, it fills you up due to the high protein content and the healthy fats.

I thought the Brownie Crunch would be my favorite since I LOVE everything related to brownies and chocolate.

While the Brownie Crunch did not disappoint, and it was very delicious, the Cookie Dough was the ultimate winner. 

It has this very mild, sweet, caramel-y, fudge-like, nutty flavor… just by writing about it, my mouth gets watery. 

The Cookie Dough was the winner also because it slightly reminds me of Halva which I used to love when I was a kid.

Sustainable Protein Bars

Pros of numove zero waste protein bars

  • Heavenly delicious.
  • Nutritious – Packed with protein, fiber, healthy fats, Vitamin C and Magnesium.
  • They are made with 100% organic and plant-based ingredients.
  • Completely natural – The bars have NO artificial additives, sweeteners, or flavors. 
  • 100% plastic-free packaging. 
  • The bars have 50% less sugar than conventional protein bars. 
  • A perfect healthy snack for anyone, anytime. 
  • Zero bloating.

Cons of numove zero waste protein bars 

  • If you are used to very sugary sweets (with added sweeteners), you might need some getting used to time to these natural protein bars.
  • If it is hot, the top chocolate layer melts fast.

Honestly, I don’t consider these as real “cons,” but I thought you might like to know that.

the nu company overview & other products

the nu company is founded in Germany, but they operate in the UK and Europe.

They are a member of Eden Projects, which is a reforestation organization. So, for every order, a certain amount goes to the organization to plant trees.

For more about the nu company goals & impact, check their detailed report for 2020.

Sustainable Protein Bars

Other products


Probably the healthiest (and tastiest for that matter) chocolate bars I’ve tried.

They contain 65% less sugar than conventional ones and are sweetened with a dash of coconut blossom sugar. 

The nucao bars are packed with nutrients, and healthy ingredients like pure cocoa, hemp seeds, nuts, and acerola. And, of course – 100% vegan.

The best part is that you can choose from their MANY fantastic and extraordinary flavors, like:

  • Cashew Vanilla 
  • Coconut Cinnamon 
  • Almond Seasalt
  • Roasted Hazelnut 
  • White Crunchy Nougat 
  • White Raspberry Crisp

If I have to describe them with a few words, it will be:

Creamy, crunchy, sweet, nutritious & delicious. 

Sustainable Protein Bars


nuseed is a bar made of hemp seeds, nut cream, and coconut blossom sugar. 

It is the perfect healthy and delicious snack, packed with magnesium, iron, omega-3, and protein. 

The bar has a very distinguishable chocolatey, caramel, nutty flavor. 

Sustainable Protein Bars
Sustainable Protein Bars

numove protein powder:

numove is their sustainable range of protein powders. 

Like their other products, their protein powder is entirely natural, plastic-free, vegan, and delicious! 

They use natural, freeze-dried organic fruit powder instead of aroma for the Mixed Berry flavor and strong cacao and spicy cinnamon for their Cacao Cinnamon flavor.

Sustainable Protein Bars

Where to get the protein bars & discounts

If you are interested in trying numove protein bars, or any of the other goods they offer, you can do that here:

  • the nu company – UK-webshop
  • the nu company – German / European webshop

For discounts, you can use ALMOSTZERO10 code for 10% OFF!

Sustainable Protein Bars

Sum up

All in all, I can only recommend trying some of the nu company products. 

The company is impressive because of its delicious & healthy treats and genuine care about the environment.

They are trying to be as sustainable as possible by:

  • Sourcing sustainably plant-based & organic ingredients. 
  • Giving back to organizations that plant trees. 
  • Making sure their packaging is plastic-free and can be composted in a matter of months! 

If you have any questions regarding the products, don’t hesitate to reach out below in the comments.

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