6 Easy Ways To Freeze Bread Without Plastic

How To Freeze Bread Without Plastic (6 Ideas) - Almost Zero Waste

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How to freeze bread WITHOUT plastic?

In this article, you can find 6 ways to store homemade or store-bought bread, or bagels, without plastic.

Using some of the tricks, and ideas that I will share with you below, helped me to avoid food waste and to always have fresh bread on hand.

In the end, you can find an FAQ section, that will answer a few additional questions.

Now, let’s begin!

Here is how to freeze bread without plastic:

  1. Reusable beeswax/wax wrap
  2. Paper bag
  3. Baking parchment paper
  4. Silicone baggies
  5. Cotton bag
  6. Tupperware container

Let’s take a look a deeper look at each plastic-free freezing method below.

1. Reusable beeswax/wax wrap

Whenever you have extra bread, wrap it in a wax wrap and pop it in the freezer. Wax wraps are a fantastic tool to keep your food fresh. You can keep them in the freezer, up to a month.

If you take good of your wax wraps, you can use them for years. Just remember to always hand wash them in COLD water.

Wax wrap options (links to Earth Hero):

How To Freeze Bread Without Plastic (6 Ideas) - Almost Zero Waste

2. Paper bag

You can put bread in a paper bag, and freeze it easily. It is best to reuse paper bags you already have at home, instead of buying new ones. 

Paper items aren’t sustainable if you are treating them as single-use items. So, this option is okay, but once you finish all of the paper bags, it’s best to start freezing your bread differently.

3. Baking parchment paper

Most people have baking parchment paper at home, which is an accessible way to freeze bread without plastic. You can wrap a few slices of the bread or the whole loaf. 

How To Freeze Bread Without Plastic (6 Ideas) - Almost Zero Waste

4. Silicone baggies 

These are amazing for freezing, and you can find bigger silicone bags, that will possibly fit a whole loaf of bread. 

However, if you can’t find big silicone baggies (or you already bought small sizes), you don’t have to buy new bigger ones. Just cut the loaf into smaller pieces, and then freeze.

Silicone baggies that you can use to freeze bread are:

5. Cotton bag

Another straightforward method is to use a cotton bag. You can reuse the cotton bag over and over, and wash it between uses. 

In case you don’t have one, freeze the bread in a dish towel or use a cotton t-shirt or other fabric and cut it in size, that will fit a whole loaf. 

Cotton bread bags:

How to Make a Bread Bag

6. Tupperware container

In case you already have some Tupperware containers, you can use it also for freezing your bread. If the box is smaller, cut the bread into slices. You can use plastic or glass containers. 

Reusable containers:

  • Plastic Tupperware container – It’s best to use it if you already have it. 
  • Glass Tupperware container – If you don’t have any, it’s best to invest in a reusable glass container, like this awesome one from EarthHero.
How To Freeze Bread Without Plastic (6 Ideas) - Almost Zero Waste


What is the best way to keep homemade bread fresh?

There are a few ways that will ensure the freshness of your bread. 

  • Wrap the bread in a cloth bag or towel – If you are concerned about losing the moisture of the bread, wrap it in another layer of cloth.
  • Keeping it in a drawer helps – After it’s wrapped in a cloth bag, you can store it in an airtight tin, or directly in a drawer.
  • Wrap the bread in a wax wrap – These wraps are a magical way to keep ANY food fresh for longer! 

What is the best way to store bread for longer?

A wax wrap (beeswax or soy wax wrap) is probably the best way to keep your bread for the longest! It works great because it holds the moisture, so the bread doesn’t dry out quickly. 

It is also airtight, yet it allows the bread to “breath.” Wax wraps are antimicrobial, so that extends the shelf life of the bread.

How to freeze dough without plastic wrap?

You can use silicone baggies such as these silicone bread kneading bags. A regular silicone bag should work well, too.

How to defrost bread from the freezer?

To defrost the bread, take it out of the freezer and leave it on the counter for a few hours. If you need it sooner, you can bake it for 5-10 minutes, which will make the crust crispy, and the bread will be ready sooner. 

How to buy plastic-free bread?

1 – Buy from a bakery – Most bakeries are selling at least a few options of plastic-free bread. So buy from there, and bring a cotton reusable bag.

2 – Ask for paper – In case there aren’t any bakeries nearby, or if you forgot your reusable bag, ask them to put your bread in a paper bag (and then reuse it, perhaps to freeze bread in the future 🙂 ).

3 – Make your bread! – That’s not an option for everyone, but it’s a way to have healthy, plastic-free delicious bread any time you want.

Did I miss a cool tip or idea about freezing bread without plastic? 

Let me know in the comments below!

How To Freeze Bread Without Plastic (6 Ideas) - Almost Zero Waste

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  1. Thank you for the great ideas and your efforts to save our world from plastic.!!

    I do have to point out that Tupperware is not a generic word for plastic containers. It is a long standing registered brand name for a specific line of plastic products. There is no such thing as glass Tupperware. Vintage Tupperware is contaminated with lead and cadmium and should be thrown away. (ref: Lead Safe Mama).

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